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Shipmondo team

We make it our mission to optimize shipment management and make it as quick, easy and affordable for businesses as possible, by exploiting digital opportunities and technologies.

The company was founded in 2014, under the name Pakkelabels.dk. After existing for only 3 years, in 2017, we rounded 15,000 business customers, thus becoming the largest freight booking platform in Denmark.

It was during this time that we saw that companies outside Denmark had same needs regarding shipping, that we already had a solution for. We decided therefore that we would make our platform available in other countries as well, so we could help even more companies with their day-to-day challenges.

After a year and a half of hard work and extensive preparations, we were finally ready to launch internationally in May 2019. We changed our name from Pakkelabels.dk to Shipmondo and launched Shipmondo.com.

July 2014

Pakkelabels.dk sees the light of day.

October 2014

Launch of the first plug & play integration. Communication between systems should be quick and easy.

January 2015

Multiple label format supported. Shipping labels can now be printed on regular A4 printers and label printers alike.

September 2015

Launch of Pakkelabels Return Portal. Effective return management gives happy customers and more time for business development.

June 2016

Introduction of extended transport insurance. Additional insurance provides security for both the sender and the receiver.

August 2016

Pakkelabels.dk reaches 10,000 registered companies. This milestone indicates that we are on the right track.

September 2016

Launch of shipping modules for webshops. End-customers can now choose the shipping form and service point when they shop with our customers.

January 2017

Launch of the shipment monitor. Our customers can now keep track of their shipments across carriers.

March 2017

Pakkelabels.dk is nominated for FDIH e-commerce award. We are both proud and very happy for the support of our customers.

April 2017

Introduction of Pakkelabels Partner. Good partnerships help spreading the word of Pakkelabels.dk even further.

November 2017

Pakkelabels.dk is nominated for EY's Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017 - country final.

March 2018

Pakkelabels.dk passes 20,000 registered companies and becomes the largest shipping platform of its kind in Denmark.

May 2018

Launch of order management. Our customers can now process entire orders and work even faster and more efficiently from one system.

June 2018

Pakkelabels.dk is nominated for Odin Award 2018 (Entrepreneurship competition on Funen) and wins both the Audience Award and the Odin Award itself.

October 2018

For the second year in a row, Pakkelabels.dk is nominated in the world's most recognized growth competition EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018. Pakkelabels.dk wins the regional prize on Funen this time.

May 2019

Pakkelabels.dk changes its name to Shipmondo and makes its shipping platform available internationally.

September 2019

Launch of automatic bookkeeping. Our customers can now create invoices and post sales revenue in their accounting systems when using Shipmondo’s order management.

November 2019

Shipmondo surpasses 30.000 corporate customers!

March 2020

Shipmondo is nominated and in the final 5 for the Danish FDIH ecommerce award in the category of Best online B2B company. It is a great honour.

October 2020

Shipmondo has received the Danish Børsen Gazelle Award 2020. We are pleased that our mission to make freight management easy, efficient and cheap for companies is bearing fruit.

November 2020

Shipmondo wins the ecommerce award in the category of Best online B2B company. We are grateful.

December 2020

Shipmondo listed as Denmark's 22nd fastest growing company in 2020 by Børsen.

January 2021

Shipmondo is building new premises. The project has begun on the construction site.

February 2021

Shipmondo surpasses 40.000 corporate customers!

May 2021

Shipmondo wins an award as Best Ecommerce Tool 2021! A great honour.

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