About Shipmondo

We make shipping simple

Our mission is to make your order and freight management as easy, fast, and cheap as possible. We strive to do this by utilizing digital advances and technologies. Our priority is to make your workflow simple and automated, helping you save time with every order and avoid mistakes when you book shipments. Our intuitive, user-friendly platform offers an effective workflow, which makes it possible to pick, print, pack, and ship across multiple integrations, carriers, and countries. We can help you optimize everything, from checkout to return.

We speed up your everyday work routines, saving you time and resources, which allows you to focus on growing your business.

We make shipping simple

Who is Shipmondo?

Shipmondo’s roots go back to 2014, when the company was founded in Denmark under the name Pakkelabels.dk. However, demand quickly increased abroad. As a result, Pakkelabels.dk changed its name to Shipmondo and launched shipmondo.com in 2019. Today, we represent an international platform that makes order and freight management easy, effective, and cheap for more than 50,000 businesses across Europe.

Shipmondo is an award-winning e-commerce tool, and we have received several nominations and awards over time.

Who is Shipmondo?

December 2023

Shipmondo surpasses 100 integrations (carriers and integrations).

June 2022

Shipmondo surpasses 50.000 users.

September 2021

We move to our new domicile.

May 2021

April 2021

September 2019

Launch of automatic bookkeeping for Danish customers.

May 2019

Pakkelabels.dk changes its name to Shipmondo and goes international.

May 2018

Launch of Order Management.

March 2018

Pakkelabels.dk surpasses 20,000 customers and becomes the largest shipping platform in Denmark.

September 2016

September 2015

Launch of Return Portal.

October 2014

Launch of the first plug & play integration.

July 2014

Pakkelabels.dk sees the light of day.