2020: The year we won’t forget

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by 29/12/2020

The year 2020 is coming to an end and, even though it has been a different year, we’ve still had a lot of news to tell you, which we collect together here.

2020: The year we won’t forget

2020 has been a different year for everyone, and the same goes for Shipmondo. This year has been characterized by working from home and a constantly changing situation, but fortunately that doesn’t change the fact that we can proudly look back on the past year.

It’s been a record period for the accounts, with an increase in growth of 60%, an expansion of staff by 80%, a Børsen Gazelle 2020 award and, finally, we received the significant e-commerce award 2020 as Best B2B company with online turnover of less than DKK 200 million. We are incredibly proud of all this and thank our customers and partners who are a big part of making it all possible.

Keep on reading for more of the big news in 2020.

New carriers

At Shipmondo, we want to make freight management as easy as possible for companies. So this year, we have placed a special focus on making it easier to handle international shipments in your Shipmondo, which is why we have set up new collaborations with a number of different international carriers. This means you can easily choose the carrier that suits your needs, no matter where in the world you are shipping to and from.

We are pleased to have introduced the following new carriers in 2020:

New features

This year, we have also introduced a large number of new functions and features in your Shipmondo, which can streamline your workflow and minimize errors. Are you tired of walking back and forth between the shelves for each order? Then you can use our new feature; pick paths, which makes your entire packaging process easier and faster.

You can also send a personalized message, where you decide for yourself when and what messages the customer should receive by means of various triggers, e.g. when the order is packed or shipped. You can also filter shipments and orders in Shipmondo and edit your order lines, capture payments and set up automatic posting on all of your orders.

Do you often send international shipments? Well now you can also get automatic completion of customs documents.

Are you in a bit of a hurry and need to create a single shipment? Try entering shipment.new in your browser, which will direct you straight into creating a manual shipment. We think that is pretty cool!

New integrations

By setting up your payment gateway with your Shipmondo account, you can create a faster, easier and more efficient workflow in your everyday operations. That’s why, in 2020, Shipmondo has given you the opportunity to set up integrations with the following:

Services that make a difference

At Shipmondo, our aim is that the solutions we offer make an overall difference. Among other things, we want to make a difference for the environment, and so, through Shipmondo, you can use paperless customs, and send a climate-compensated package on your own freight agreements with PostNord Danmark, DHL Freight and UPS. You can choose Climate compensation, Sicka grönt (Send green) or CO2 neutral, respectively, when you book your shipment through Shipmondo. You can also send greener packages with PostNord Denmark on Shipmondo’s agreement.

We also want to make a difference in other ways. So, in the autumn and winter of 2020, we gave you the opportunity to support the Danish Christmas Seal Foundation (Julemærkefonden) through Shipmondo. If you use our shipping agreement with PostNord Denmark, you can choose to add the foundation’s logo on your labels and show your support - completely free of charge. We pay the small extra expense and send all the support on to the Danish Christmas Seal Foundation.

Watch the Danish video below:

Finally, we have been able to offer services that make a difference for those of you who ship non-standard packages. You can now send dangerous goods with Danske Fragtmænd or food with daoFOOD or Xpressen.

We look forward to 2021

With 2020 behind us, we are now looking forward to all the good things that will hopefully happen in 2021. At Shipmondo, we are especially looking forward to moving into new office premises, where there is room to think big and let creativity be at the centre.

But 2021 also offers other and slightly larger events. In the New Year, the United Kingdom will leave the EU. Stay updated on the Danish blog here. With the New Year, new requirements for electronic payment within the EU also follow. Read here how your webshop is affected by PSD2 and SCA.

Do you have any good ideas or wishes for how we can improve Shipmondo even more in 2021? Then we would really like to hear from you. Send us an email at support@shipmondo.com. We look forward to hearing your ideas.

Finally, we would like to wish all our customers, partners and employees a Happy New Year.

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