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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 05/12/2020

KiMs are opening their doors and you are invited behind the scenes of their outlet store and the webshop, kims.dk. Read the case study and watch the video.

KiMs is a Danish snack brand and, with their big market share, they are well known to Danish snack consumers and are an integral part of Danish chips culture. The strong and ongoing competition between the crispy sour-cream-and-onion chips and the delicious cheese pops can be a point of contention in friendships and relationships alike.

KiMs are opening their doors and you are invited behind the scenes of their outlet store and webshop, kims.dk

Behind the KiMs universe

When you enter the outlet store in Odense, you will see chips from floor to ceiling, and your mouth starts watering from the word go. The idea for the outlet arose with the aim of fighting food waste – or, as they call it, snack waste, while the webshop was a bit of an experiment.

Can you sell chips online? That was the starting point at the webshop, and that was what we wanted to test. And it turns out that you can, says Janne Skall Sørensen, Chief Channel Manager at Orkla, who is behind both the webshop and the outlet.

The webshop and the outlet have both proven to be good sales channels in addition to their normal distribution channels. It’s a setup that works efficiently from its location in Odense.

Watch the video from the outlet and the webshop warehouse in the top.

Innovative products and the fight against snack waste

Many of KiMs’ products are sold in retail chains and supermarkets, but it is often not a full assortment. At the KiMs webshop, you can always buy the full range of products. At the same time, a webshop makes it possible to make creative product combinations and market the products on their own social media.

KiMs julekalender

The latest addition to the KiMs tribe is KiMs Chips Christmas Calendar, consisting of 24 small bags of chips in classic flavours, labels with numbering, a string and 24 wooden clips - one for each day up to the 24th of December. These seasonal Christmas products have proven to be a success at both the webshop and the outlet.

People like our creative inventions, and we can run different campaigns when we get a large batch of certain items. At the same time, the outlet provides the opportunity for us to sell faulty produced goods and surplus goods - for example after Halloween, when we have made a particularly scary packaging, says Janne.

The good shopping experience

With the clear checkout at kims.dk, with everything on one page, it is easy for both private and business customers to complete their purchases. The webshop is built on the WooCommerce platform and, in order to provide their customers with the best service, they have set up Shipmondo Delivery Checkout, so the customer has the opportunity to choose the desired pick-up point when they choose delivery to a parcel shop.

See the function here:

KiMs checkout pakkeshopvælger fragtmodul

Effective order management is crucial

When many orders need to be processed on a daily basis, an efficient order management system is a must. It became clear to KiMs after they spent a while packing the orders manually at the factory in Søndersø. An efficient order management process was able to save a lot of time, so that the orders could be shipped faster. At the same time, the number of errors decreased as a result of using picking slips and automating parts of the order process.

It is important to us that the order should arrive quickly. ‘Time’ is part of the delivery service that we can help to shape. And we can save a lot of time with Shipmondo in our order management, says Janne.

At KiMs’ warehouse at the outlet store in Odense, much of the order management is automated by means of a scanner. This means that when warehouse employee Nicoline Johansen has packed an order, she can fulfil the order, capture payment, book freight and print labels with a single scan. An all-in-one solution.

The process goes as follows:

  1. Picking lists are printed for all the orders at once;
  2. Nicoline packs the orders;
  3. Nicoline scans the barcode on the picking list, the order is closed automatically, payment is captured, freight is booked…
  4. and the shipping label is printed and affixed to the package.

Then the package is ready to be shipped.

Odense Marcipan

If you order items from the webshop of Odense Marcipan, which produces and sells marzipan and marzipan-related products, you can see on the shipping label that it will be sent from a KiMs outlet. Both KiMs and Odense Marcipan belong to the same group, Orkla Food.

It made sense for us to pack Odense Marcipan's orders from our location. We have systems that work, and the synergy effects of using the same staff are a great advantage. Therefore, it was easy for us to scale up our order management and pack the orders from Odense Marcipan's webshop, says Janne.

If, like KiMs and Odense Marcipan, you want to be ready to scale up your webshop and automate your order management, then create a Shipmondo account today and send us an email at support@shipmondo.com and we will help you get started.

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