Shipmondo: Your alternative to nShift

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 29/04/2023

Are you looking for an alternative to nShift? Try Shipmondo. Shipmondo is a modern shipping solution used by more than 50,000 businesses in Scandinavia.

Shipmondo: Your alternative to nShift

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Do you have a solution that cannot handle all your work activities in one place? Are you tired of expensive solutions, commitment periods, and subscriptions? Then we have the solution for you!

With Shipmondo, you can consolidate all your shipping agreements with different carriers and your picking and order flow - all on one platform, while saving money.

You can also use our shipping agreements with carriers such as Bring, UPS, DHL, and PostNord at attractive prices.

Regardless of the size of your business, Shipmondo offers different solutions for national and international shipments, so you can expand your webshop.

Get full access to enterprise features from day one

When you have created a Shipmondo account, you will have access to a wide range of features from day one.

We have many useful features that can optimize your workflow, such as:

Best of all: It’s completely free – you only pay for your consumption.

What does Shipmondo cost? See price examples here

Shipmondo is a free solution, where you only pay for your consumption with a low price per shipping label.

If you wish to activate your own shipping agreements to your Shipmondo account, you can activate them for a one-time fee per shipping agreement.

The more shipments you send, the lower the price per shipping label.

Let’s go through a few price examples.

For simplicity, we are providing four monthly price examples here:

Number of shipping labelsMonthly price
50039.99 EUR
2000144.98 EUR
5000314.97 EUR
7000404.96 EUR

And yes, our pricing model is as simple as outlined here. You can try our price calculation on our pricing page.

With Shipmondo, it becomes cheaper and cheaper to scale your business. And you have access to all features from the first day.

No subscription or commitment with Shipmondo

Many other solutions have a commitment period, meaning that you cannot just stop the subscription from one day to the next.

With Shipmondo, there is no subscription or commitment period.

You can easily test our solution without committing to anything, making it easy for you to see if it fits your needs.

Moreover, you get full access to all features from day one with a Shipmondo account, unlike other solutions.

If you don’t have your own agreement with a carrier, but instead use our shipping agreements, you only pay for your shipping booking, and there’s no limit to how many you can create.

It’s as simple as it’s written.

No subscription
Plug’n play-integrations
Free Order Management
Free enterprise features
Pick and pack solutions
No limit on the number of shipping labels
Pay only for your consumption

See our integrations and read more about your integration options here.

Switch from nShift (Consignor/Unifaun/Pacsoft/Webshipper) to Shipmondo

You can switch from nShift (Consignor/Unifaun/Pacsoft/Webshipper) to Shipmondo whenever it suits you.

When you have created your free Shipmondo account, you can use the solution along with your nShift (Consignor/Unifaun/Pacsoft/Webshipper).

As mentioned, this allows you to test and try out Shipmondo in practice and ensure that everything works according to your wishes and needs before you cancel your subscription with nShift (Consignor/Unifaun/Pacsoft/Webshipper).

We understand that switching from one system to another can be a challenge, but fear not!

We’re here to assist you with the entire transition process to Shipmondo.

Our experienced team of experts can guide you through each step and ensure a smooth transition. Follow the step-by-step guide below to assist you.

Always free customer service at Shipmondo

One of the significant benefits of Shipmondo’s customer service is that it’s free. Always.

That means you, as a user of Shipmondo, can take advantage of all the help you need without worrying about extra costs or fees for contacting customer service.

We also understand the importance of a quick response when users need help. Therefore, we always strive for a short response time of just a few hours.

At Shipmondo, we believe that transparency is the key to a successful collaboration. That’s why we guarantee that there are no hidden fees or unpleasant surprises when using our solution.

Start shipping in minutes

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