Looking for an alternative to Pacsoft in Sweden?

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 21/10/2021

PostNord’s booking system for contract customers is phased out. Here is the alternative; book your PostNord shipments efficiently with Shipmondo.

Looking for an alternative to Pacsoft in Sweden?

Summer 2021, PostNord have closed their Pacsoft Online system in Sweden and the plan is to phase out the system in the other Nordic countries as well.

Perhaps you are looking for an alternative booking system for your PostNord shipments? We give you the best alternative here 👇

…and a good offer to get started with your own PostNord Sweden agreement. Read on.

Alternative to Pacsoft Online

Shipmondo is a good alternative to Pacsoft, and offers even more benefits. In Shipmondo, we can set up your own PostNord shipping agreement and you can ship at your PostNord shipping rates. You can also book shipments at attractive rates with other carriers, as you get access to Shipmondo’s agreements, so you can gather all your freight management in one system.

In addition to the fact that you can easily book your freight, reorder and save addresses in Address Book, you get even more benefits with Shipmondo - e.g;

  1. Shipment monitor gives you an overview of the status of your shipments, so you can stay on top of things and offer your customers a proactive customer service.
  2. Automatically send personal messages with tracking information to your customers.
  3. Book across carriers and gather all your shipping agreements in one system.
  4. You can build your own Return Portal.

A complete system for your PostNord packages and orders

In addition to a complete system for your shipments, in Shipmondo, you can optimize your order management. Shipmondo offers free integrations to your order system or webshop, such as Shopify, WooCommerce and many more, so that your orders are automatically imported into your Shipmondo account. So you can easily and efficiently pick orders with pick paths, withdraw payments, book shipping, print shipping labels, and complete your orders - automatically and at once.

Here, you can see how:

Get more information here.

A good offer: Get your PostNord agreement activated for free

Now you’ve got some insight into the alternative to Pacsoft, you are probably sitting wondering what it costs.

A Shipmondo account is free, as are our features and integrations. So you can easily test and try our solution without paying a penny.

Why do we make this offer? Because our mission is to make it easy for businesses to ship packages and grow their business.

You only have to pay a small price per label when you book through your own shipping agreement. As a special bonus for you, in 2022 we offer to activate your PostNord Sweden agreement for free, so you can easily see if Shipmondo matches your needs and is a good alternative to Pacsoft Online.

When you request the setup of your PostNord Sweden agreement on your Shipmondo account under Own agreements, enter SSE-2wP in the comments field, and we will refund the normal setup price.

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