Best E-commerce Tool 2021

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 26/05/2021

We have received the award of Best E-Commerce Tool 2021. It is a great honor and we are very proud of our new title.

Best E-commerce Tool 2021

It was a true celebration Thursday evening when we won a Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel award in the category Best E-Commerce Tool 2021 from among a sharp field of finalists. It’s an award that means a lot to the entire Shipmondo team.

A great show and a memorable evening

After a long process of nomination, a written defense and a physical presentation to a competent jury of talented people from the e-commerce industry, we were at last able to celebrate the grand e-commerce final with a big, virtual award show.

The entire Shipmondo team was gathered to watch the live award show, which was broadcast to all participants. We were all both nervous and excited as our category, Best E-Commerce Tool, hit the screen. Just as the tension was at its peak, the door of the room opened. A representative from Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel came in, with a cameraman behind him, and roared, “Congratulations!” Cheers filled the room. We had won!

Best ecommerce tool 2021 A few minutes before the door opened.

The winner: Much more than a label

The award for Best E-Commerce Tool 2021 is particularly significant, because it is based on our product and the value we create for nearly 45,000 companies.

In judging the winner, special emphasis was placed on the fact that it is a company that has developed an e-commerce tool in an excellent way, a tool which has also been implemented by many Danish e-retailers.

In the justification it was said, among other things;

With this tool, it is quick and easy to get started for any type of webshop. The company builds all their features and makes everyday life easier for the e-merchant ecosystem (returns, integrations, etc.) – it's not just a label!

It captures the essence of the mission we live for – to make everyday life easier for e-retailers, so that they can spend time growing the business. At the same time, we get recognition for our solutions, which also makes the order management and pick-and-pack processes easier for our customers.

Faith, hope and hard work

Behind the good results and the awards is a lot of work. It’s rare that success comes without hard work; this is true for all entrepreneurs.

Therefore, we will also continue to expand our product and solutions, work hard and remain an indispensable tool for companies of all sizes and types.

It is awesome when the hard work is recognized and it strengthens the spirit to continue the adventure we’re on. We could not do it alone. Thank you for reading, and thanks to our employees, partners and customers, who are making the adventure a reality.

We are on a crazy journey – thank you for being a part of it 💜

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