Christmas gift webshop ships tons of company presents

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 11/12/2020

Smart and efficient freight management is crucial for Julefabrikken when it is high season and thousands of Christmas presents must be sent to customers.

Christmas gift webshop ships tons of company presents

It is a busy time at Julefabrikken, which can be directly translated as “The Christmas Factory”. They almost reach the same speed as Santa’s workshop team at this time of year. But it is not good children who are the primary target group, but rather companies that want to send gifts to good customers, partners and hard-working employees.

Julefabrikken is a successful Danish company that supplies a large selection of beautiful and tasteful employee and customer gifts. Here, companies can choose the classic setup and order the same company Christmas gift for the entire employee group or let employees choose the exact Christmas gift that is at the top of their wish list.

Lasse Facius, founder and director of Julefabrikken, has a background in the advertising industry and even created the first catalogue 13 years ago. He is still an active part of the design process for the annual Christmas catalogue.

Christmas is high season

With a webshop that is seasonal, like Julefabrikken, it is absolutely crucial that everything should run smoothly when Christmas appears on the horizon.

It is important for us to optimize the processes, because we have many customers through our webshop in a very short time. And every minute counts, Lasse explains.

Everything is timed and organized. Extra staff are called in. The webshop and catalogues sparkle. Lasse and the team are ready as soon as the bells ring and the Christmas race begins. The most important race of the year: Christmas gift shopping.

The entire team is working fast - specially in November and December:

Warehouse at Julefabrikken

An added issue is that this year’s corporate Christmas parties have been cancelled in many companies due to COVID-19, which is causing more companies to ramp up the budget for Christmas gifts.

Greater need for delivery to private addresses

But this year, things have been a little different. The needs and demand have evolved as consumption patterns and behaviour have changed. Julefabrikken had a solution ready:

There have been many companies this year who have not been able to go out to their customers and hand over the gifts in person as they usually do, due to COVID-19. Therefore, many of our customers want us to send the packages directly to their customers and, with Excel import, we save an insane amount of time when we can upload addresses quickly, easily and all at once.

Julefabrikken simply asks the customer to fill in a prepared template in Excel with the information on the recipients of the packages. After this, Julefabrikken can upload the document in Shipmondo and, at the same time, book shipping to all recipients in a few minutes – easily and simply.

You can read more about import of Excel files.

Delivery is a competitive parameter

At Julefabrikken, delivery time is an important competitive parameter, and it has been so from the very beginning:

When we started, there were no carriers that had integrations between webshops and carriers that could make shipping easy for webshop owners. But then Shipmondo came up with a solution that made it possible to order and print many labels easily and quickly in no time.

Julefabrikken’s webshop is built on the Magento platform and, with a free integration between Magento and Shipmondo, shipping became easy for Julefabrikken. With continuous optimizations and exploitation of every opportunity to save minutes in the daily workflow, Julefabrikken ensures fast delivery of Christmas gifts.

We focus on a good service experience; our customers must have the gifts on time and, of course, the right gifts. We can see that this is a market where it is an important parameter for success. We keep our promises and that makes our repurchase percentage high, Lasse explains.

Julefabrikken sends all major shipments with Danske Fragtmænd, while smaller packages are sent with PostNord. They have negotiated their own shipping agreements with the two carriers and got them activated in their Shipmondo account.

Julefabrikken company gifts

Christmas starts in January

Although Christmas is the high season for Julefabrikken, the preparations start long before.

We actually already have the first meetings about Christmas presents in 2021 in January, so Christmas starts very early with us, Lasse says.

But Christmas is not the only holiday the factory serves. As soon as the Christmas season is over, Julefabrikken is transformed into an Easter version. It has become more and more common for companies to give employees or customers a small Easter greeting and gift. In this way, Julefabrikken have expanded their business and ensured that companies can also receive Easter gifts and delight employees with a tasteful greeting.

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