Inventory Optimization: Create Barcodes for Products and Shelves in Shipmondo

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Camilla Jacobsen
by Camilla Jacobsen 25/04/2024

An efficient workflow requires proper labeling of goods in your warehouse. We've made it easy for you to generate product and shelf barcode labels.

Inventory Optimization: Create Barcodes for Products and Shelves in Shipmondo

When picking, packing, and shipping goods, the structure of your warehouse plays a significant role in your overall workflow.

A disorganized warehouse creates inefficiency and increases the risk of picking errors.

There are many elements involved in inventory optimization and your warehouse layout, and one of these factors is an efficient labeling system, which you can use when picking products.

Pick and Pack with Shipmondo

In Shipmondo, you can pick your items using three different picking solutions depending on what suits your business best:

By using Shipmondo’s digital pick paths, you can optimize your picking and packing process to the maximum.

With Shipmondo’s digital pick paths, you can pick 50% faster compared to a manual pick solution without route optimization, while also minimizing errors.

See our test here:

Among other benefits, you can confirm your picks with a scanner - thus ensuring that the correct products are picked.

The scanning serves as an order check.

See how order check works here:

Barcode Generator: Create Your Own Product and Shelf Labels in Shipmondo

To scan products during picking, you need barcodes on your products or shelves. If your items don’t have barcodes from the manufacturer, you can use Shipmondo as your barcode generator.

The first thing to consider is whether you want to place barcodes individually on all your products or if you want to place barcode labels on your shelf edges representing the product on the shelf instead.

If your products don’t have barcodes from the manufacturer, and you don’t want to spend time placing product labels/barcode labels on your products, shelf labels are a good solution. That way, you can scan these when picking products to confirm your picks.

See the example below of shelf labels with barcodes:

Example on shelves with barcodes

Once you’ve decided how to use barcodes in your warehouse, you can easily and quickly create and print labels with location codes and corresponding barcodes for free on your Shipmondo account.

Barcode for Each Product

If you want to create barcodes for your products, these need to be created individually, where you need to create a unique barcode for each label. See our example here:

Example on barcode for one product

You can follow the guide here:

Barcode for Shelf Edges

If, however, you want to create barcodes for your shelf edges, you can create your shelf labels all at once, where the barcode is generated from information about your shelves.

See our example here:

Barcode for shelf edges

You can follow the guide and read more here:

Optimize Your Warehouse with Shipmondo Analytics

How do you work efficiently in your warehouse?

That’s the whole point of inventory optimization. And there are several things you can do.

One of the key elements in effective inventory optimization is digitization. With digital tools, you can easily monitor, automate processes, and reduce human errors, thereby increasing efficiency.

Gain Insight into Your Sales and Picking Performance

With Shipmondo, you get access to Shipmondo Analytics, a tool that lays a solid foundation for data-driven decisions in your business.

Shipmondo gives you insights into your incoming orders, where you can, for example, get an overview of which items are popular and gain insight into which items need to be picked and shipped during the day.

With order analysis, you can also keep an eye on which items are selling particularly well in a period and ensure they are in stock.

Of course, that’s not the only thing you can monitor that is important for your inventory optimization.

You can also gain valuable insight into your picking performance when you use our digital pick paths. If you have multiple employees in the warehouse, you can receive precise data for each employee, which not only gives you insight into individual performance but also helps you identify peak times.

That way, you can constantly improve efficiency and productivity in your warehouse.

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