From physical shopping to live shopping on Facebook: Degn Topshop

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 23/11/2021

Live shopping is a hit - It's predicted to become the next big thing. A store has reached new heights with live sales. Read the success story of Degn Topshop.

From physical shopping to live shopping on Facebook: Degn Topshop

In crises, new thinking is a virtue - and when corona hit all of Denmark in the spring of 2020, it was precisely here that new thinking arose at the clothing store Degn Topshop: how could they now sell their items when they could no longer get customers in their physical store, and they do not have a webshop either?

The answer was live sales. The clothing store, which is a family business and owned by Marianne Degn and Niels Kristian Vester, started by posting videos on Facebook to show items in the hope of maintaining sales under the circumstances of corona.

It got a lot of interest - in fact, so big that they could not keep up with the many orders, so when Degn Topshop got in touch with Easy Live Sales, there was no hesitation.

It was a “Deal” to Sprii, which was able to automate their many orders during a live broadcast, and a “Deal” to an integration to Shipmondo, which automates your order flow and makes freight management easy.

Read more about live shopping with Sprii and Shipmondo here.

Live shopping på Facebook og Instagram case

In this way, it became easy for Degn Topshop to handle a live broadcast, as they no longer had to concentrate on manual order processes, customer contact on messenger or freight handling, but instead focus on what is important to them: the customers.

That we can put all our focus on what we are good at has been a big factor in our success. Sprii and Shipmondo do it all for us, and it has saved us countless hours of work, says Live-shopping Responsible, Anne Marie Degn.

Today, Denmark (thankfully) has reopened. In Degn Topshop, they were excited about whether their live broadcasts would have the same interest, and whether people would come down to the store.

And they did.

And the live broadcasts are still a success. In one hour of live broadcast, they sell the same amount as they do in an entire week in the store.

It would be impossible now to make live sales without Sprii and Shipmondo, because there are between 1,000-1,500 viewers each time and up to 7,000 comments. We simply would not be able to keep up if we also had to handle the orders and book shipping manually, says Anne Marie Degn.

Deal to Sprii and Shipmondo

Before a live broadcast, Degn Topshop creates the items they want to display as products in Sprii. Then product rules are created, which are automated provisions that enable Sprii to recognize an order when a customer writes in the comments field, such as “Deal 202”.

When a customer announces a purchase, Sprii automatically sends a personal message in the customer’s Messenger, which contains a payment link that enables the customer to complete the purchase. It is also via this link that the customer chooses the delivery method.

Degn Topshop has set up their own shipping agreement with PostNord in Shipmondo, and the customer can choose whether he/she wants delivery to a private address or to a parcel shop.

As soon as the order has been paid for, all order information is automatically transferred to Shipmondo, where Degn Topshop, with a few clicks, prints shipping labels for all their shipments.

Live shopping og fragt

In Shipmondo, you can choose the degree of automation yourself, and you can therefore also book freight manually.

Shipmondo offers freight with several different carriers, including PostNord, GLS, dao, and Bring, but if, like Degn Topshop, you have your own freight agreement, you can also have it activated on your Shipmondo account.

Although Degn Topshop has an automated flow, it is sometimes also necessary to create a shipment manually.

They also do this through Shipmondo, where they have created a preferred shipment template, so they do not have to fill in the same information every time they create a shipment, as the information about carrier, freight product, freight agreement, weight range, etc. will be prefilled.

You can easily create several different shipping templates, and make one of them preferred, so that it is automatically the one used when creating shipments. See an example below:

shipping Facebook

Occasionally, there is also a need to create a shipment manually, and they do so through Shipmondo as well.

Degn Topshop also uses shipment monitoring in Shipmondo, where they can easily keep track of their orders.

Here, a parcel status is displayed on the individual shipments, and they can therefore always track and provide good and informative customer service if they receive a request for parcel status from a customer.

Shipmondo has a very easy user interface, which makes it easy to find out. It is both delicious, light and simple, and it works incredibly well in conjunction with live shopping, says Anne Marie Degn.

Shipmondo and live shopping

It does not require a large investment or great digital skills to get started using Sprii and Shipmondo.

The setup and integration provide different options, where, for example, you can choose how you want your orders managed - whether it is directly in Sprii, or whether your orders should be imported directly into Shipmondo and handled from there.

If you choose option two, you can make use of all Shipmondo’s services and automate your entire order process.

It is possible to have multiple integrations to your Shipmondo account, so you can easily manage your orders and shipping combined. That way you can, among other things, handle both your live shipments and your webshop sales.

To integrate Shipmondo with Sprii, you must provide API user information and API key, which you will find in your Shipmondo account.

In Sprii, you choose the delivery methods you want, depending on which shipping templates you have set up in Shipmondo, as the data from here is displayed in Sprii.

Once the customer has paid for his order, it will be imported into Shipmondo, where you can print a shipping label.

You can also set up automatic printing, so that a pick list automatically prints when an order lands. Once you have created a shipment in Shipmondo, you can automatically print a shipping label.

Whether you are a webshop, shop, restaurant, or something else that wants to get started with live sales, you can use Shipmondo as freight management and benefit from our various services.

It is free and there is no binding - and then you can start booking shipping right away. You can, for example, set up your own personalized message, which will keep your customers informed about the delivery process with, for example, a track and trace link.

You can also handle your return shipments easily with Shipmondo Return Portal.

The return process is especially important to consider when dealing with online sales, since, as you are sure to know, return deliveries can occur due to size, fit, and so on. So it is important to have a good return process.

You can already start sending packages or get live shopping started today. It takes no time to create a Shipmondo account where you can get access to all the above mentioned features and more.

Live shopping is new and exciting and creates a good potential for increased revenue.

For these reasons, Anne Marie Degn also predicts that live shopping is here to stay; and in that case, Shipmondo is more than ready to join as a freight supplier.

You can get a lot wiser on selling live on Facebook or Instagram and the live robot Sprii in our blog.

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