Delivery guide: All you need to know about the carriers’ delivery times

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 03/01/2023

In this guide, we provide you with practical information about delivery times for carriers like PostNord, GLS, and Bring, as well as everything you need to know about delivery, delivery locations, and low-priced shipment.

Delivery guide: All you need to know about the carriers’ delivery times

Delivery is one of the most important parameters in the overall customer experience, and the expectations, for delivery times and the option to choose between pick-up locations, are high.

The customers want fast delivery, preferably next-day delivery, the option to choose between home delivery or delivery to parcel shops, and they want cheap shipping.

Delivery has become a competitive parameter, and a good delivery experience can easily become a competitive advantage for you.

Delivery time is especially important, if not the most important factor, in the delivery experience but, with so many delivery methods and alternatives, it can be a jungle to navigate in.

What is the actual delivery time of the different carriers?

We provide you with an overview of the biggest carriers in Scandinavia, which you can use when you need to book freight for your webshop.

See the expected delivery times for the most popular carriers in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway below.

Delivery guide - Denmark

CarrierExpected delivery time
PostNord Denmark1-2 weekdays
GLS Denmark1-2 weekdays
dao1-3 weekdays
Bring Denmark1-2 weekdays
DHL Express1 weekday
UPS1-3 weekdays
Danske Fragtmænd1-2 weekdays

In Denmark the most popular carriers have a short estimated delivery time, which makes them attractive for the recipients, as they do not have to wait long in order to receive their parcels.

Providing your customers with the option of either home delivery or delivery to a parcel shop is especially important and attractive, as it gives them the flexibility they may need.

You can see the most popular carriers in Denmark, and their estimated delivery times below, so that you have the necessary information you need, in order to find the right carrier for your needs.

For the exact delivery times, we recommend you visit the specific carrier’s website for more information.

We have gathered together all of our available carriers in Denmark, so that you can get an overview and select just the right carrier that fits your needs. All you have to do is follow the link.

If you want to know more about these Danish carriers, their general delivery information, shipping products, and an overview of all the different carriers, you can read more in our Danish guide.

All you need to do is click the button.

Delivery guide - Sweden

CarrierExpected delivery time
DHL Freight Sweden1-3 weekdays
UPS1-2 weekdays

DHL Freight and UPS are amongst the most popular carriers in Sweden. Both carriers have expected delivery times, depending on different factors, such as distance between webshop and recipient, shipping product, and delivery method.

Therefore, we recommend you visit the specific carrier’s website for more information, in order to get a more precise indication of the delivery times.

DHL Freight Sweden and UPS make it possible to send parcels within Sweden and abroad from Sweden through our shipping agreements for an affordable and attractive price.

Both carriers offer a number of different shipment products, which makes it easier for you to find just the freight solution you need.

Anyone with a Shipmondo account can create shipments with DHL Freight and UPS.

Click the button below to read more about the shipping products and parcel types, and get an overview of the Swedish carriers, when you book freight through Shipmondo.

Do you want to know more about this Swedish carrier? Feel free to click the button below, and we will provide you with an overview.

Delivery guide - Norway

CarrierExpected delivery time
Bring Norway1-5 weekdays, depending on the distance
PostNord Norway1-5 weekdays, depending on the distance

Bring Norway and PostNord Norway are some of the most popular carriers in Norway.

Both carriers have a large logistics network and a large selection of delivery locations for pickup, which makes it easy and convenient for any recipient to find the nearest location.

Both Bring Norway and PostNord Norway have delivery times depending on the location of the recipient, therefore we recommend you visit the specific carrier’s website for the exact delivery times and more information.

Below you can read more about the shipping products and parcel types, and get an overview of the Norwegian carriers, when you book through Shipmondo.

We have put together an overview of all the Norwegian carriers, that you can use with your Shipmondo account, so that you can find the right carrier for your webshop.

How you can influence the delivery time

When you want to ensure that the parcels you send to your customers have a fast delivery time, you can actually play an essential role.

You can ensure that your order leaves the storage, and travels fast from you to your carrier, by using Shipmondo Order Management.

When you have integrated your webshop to Shipmondo, your orders will automatically be transferred to your Shipmondo account, and you can immediately start your freight management.

Shipmondo Order Management allows you to save time in the storage room, and helps you print your pick list, book freight, print delivery notes, withdraw money automatically, and a lot more.

That way you can get your parcels quickly to the next step in the delivery process fast.

Do you want to know more about Shipmondo Order Management? Click the button below, and we provide you with a full overview.

Delivery or collection of packages?

If you need to hand in your parcels at a parcelshop, it’s a good idea to look into the days and times that the specific parcel shop has its parcels collected by the carriers, so you can make sure that you get the parcels handed in before the deadline.

That way, you make sure that your parcels gets through the delivery process faster, because they leave the parcel shop quickly after being handed in.

There can be specific days for the deadline for handing in the parcels, or it can be a specific time of the day, which needs to be complied with to ensure that the parcels are collected by the carriers the same day, as they are handed in to the parcel shop.

Therefore, we recommend that you look into these deadlines, by asking your preferred parcel shop.

Manage orders quickly and efficiently

If you have negotiated your own agreement with a carrier and have agreed that they collect the parcels from your addresses, you can arrange that they collect at a specific time.

That way you can ensure, if you have an efficient order management, that you can handle orders quickly and get them to the carrier the same day.

As an example, you could tell your customers that orders made before 12.00 o’clock are guaranteed to be shipped the same day.

By doing this, you strengthen your own competitive advantages and it also helps you to ensure that your customers receive fast delivery.

Look out for the holidays

It’s always a good idea to be aware of the upcoming holidays, bank holidays or other events for the year ahead, as it can have an influence on the carrier’s delivery times.

Even though it is some way into the future, it’s never too early to start preparing!

There can be many things that influence the delivery time for carriers. Most often, it’s due there being extra busy, because of events like Black Friday, Easter or Christmas.

Bigger events like these, may influence the carriers delivery time, meaning they do not deliver as fast as per usual.

Therefore, it is important that you are aware of the different deadlines during the year, in order to make sure that your customers receive their parcels on time.

We recommend that you keep an eye on the specific carrier, or keep a lookout here, as we continuously guide you through the seasons, and how you can best prepare for the upcoming adjustments around the holidays.

Book freight and send parcels through Shipmondo

Do you have a webshop and need to ship parcels?

Then Shipmondo is the right solution for you, where you can book freight at good prices, and send parcels across different carriers, to the whole world.

You can use popular carriers, such as the examples above, on our shipping agreements, or you can have your own negotiated agreements activated onto your Shipmondo account.

That way, you can easily book freight with several carriers from one single platform and achieve a streamlined workflow.

Parcels are always insured

When you send parcels through Shipmondo, your packages are always insured.

The insurance cost and the terms and conditions can vary from carrier to carrier, so we recommend that you check with the specific carrier.

You can also easily track your parcels across different carriers, on your Shipmondo account. You can easily keep an eye on your parcels on our tracking site during delivery, and also gain a full overview of all of your packages and their shipment status on your Shipmondo account with our Shipment Monitor.

Automate your information flow with personalized messages

Give your customers the same overview of their parcels delivery status and keep them notified during the delivery process with our personalized messages.

You decide the content of the messages, in which you can include the customers tracking link. That is good service. Get our best tips for tracking of shipments here.

Yes, there are many possibilities with Shipmondo - and it is all for free, and without subscription or binding. You only pay for your actual consumption. Create a free account and start booking freight today.

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