Eco-friendly shipping with Endepunkt in Copenhagen

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 08/06/2022

A unique carrier is now available on Shipmondo. Send eco-friendly packages with same-day delivery in the greater Copenhagen area with Endepunkt. Their swift and reliable couriers make sure your packages are delivered safely to your customers.

Eco-friendly shipping with Endepunkt in Copenhagen

About Endepunkt

Endepunkt was established in November 2021 and is a pro-environmental startup that challenges conventional courier companies. The driving force behind this unique carrier is their oat-fuelled bike riders. Endepunkt’s vision is to help you and your customers make simple everyday life decisions that are good for the environment. Endepunkt delivers exclusively by cargo bike and only in Copenhagen.

Endepunkt freight products

You can ship with same-day delivery directly to your customers. Packages are collected every day and delivered on the same day if you book freight before 15:00. Daily pick-up is completely free. You only pay for freight. Endepunkt offers your customers minimal waiting time and an eco-friendly way to ship when shopping online. And as the cherry on top of the cake, shipping preparations have never been faster and easier than with Endepunkt. You can simply ship in regular bags to avoid using unnecessary packaging materials – and boost your greenness and sustainability at the same time!

Endepunkt does pick-up and delivery in the following postal areas:

  • 1000-2500
  • 2700
  • 2720
  • 2900

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Green transformation in Copenhagen

Local authorities in Copenhagen are slowly making it more difficult for courier vans and other vehicles to navigate in the city center and the surrounding neighborhoods. So it is going to get more time-consuming for conventional couriers to pick up and deliver packages in Copenhagen, which could have an impact on prices for shipping and receiving, as well as delivery time. The bike-riding couriers from Endepunkt get from one door to another quickly by making use of Copenhagen’s extensive cycle infrastructure. Freight with Endepunkt is not only simple and fast but completely emission-free.

How to get started with Endepunkt

If you want to grow your sustainable, green credentials, then eco-friendly shipping with Endepunkt is a great way to do it. You simply need to set up a free account on Shipmondo and activate your shipping agreement with Endepunkt. Send us a request to get it activated, and get started with Endepunkt.

Already have an account on Shipmondo? Then Endepunkt will give you your first 10 deliveries for free! Read more about it and sign up here, so you can start booking freight with Endepunkt. When you ship with a bike courier from Endepunkt via Shipmondo, you can add our additional personalized message feature, so you can notify your customer when the package is on its way. If you don’t have an account, create your own free account right now.

Digital is the new green

Sign up to Shipmondo for free to make your shipping process more efficient and eco-friendly with, among others, these features: Digital Pick Paths, labelless shipping in Denmark on our shipping agreement with dao and Bring, and paperless shipping to avoid printing pro forma invoices. Read about examples of environmentally friendly packaging to help you reduce waste even more.

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