Ecommerce awards 2022: Shipmondo in top 3

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 26/05/2022

This year's e-commerce awards have been handed out, and Shipmondo carried off two third places. We are honored and grateful.

Ecommerce awards 2022: Shipmondo in top 3

The smile is (extra) big for the entire team today! Yesterday, we went to Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel’s big e-commerce party in Copenhagen with all the other cool nominated e-commercers - and we won two third places in the two categories which we were nominated for – namely Denmark’s Best E-commerce Tool and Best B2B company with online turnover under DKK 200 million.

Last year, we also won the award for Best E-commerce Tool, and we are beaming with pride to be still in the top 3 – especially when we were among such an impressive list of outstanding candidates.

We are very honored and deeply grateful. A huge thank you to all our customers, partners and dedicated team! You are the greatest!

Big show with big celebrations

It was time for big celebrations and high spirits when we went to the big party in Copenhagen yesterday, Thursday 18 May. The theme was Melodi Grand Prix, and there were welcome drinks, speeches, a three-course menu, wine and drinks, entertainment, awards, a DJ and dancing! The party was held at the Clarion Hotel, and there were a total of over 800 participants from across the country.

The show started at 16:30 with welcome drinks and, during the dinner, there was an award ceremony of all 12 prizes, including the honorary award: The Golden Award (Guldprisen). It was both cozy and fun, and the atmosphere was top notch. However, everyone was on tenterhooks when it was time for the winners to be announced in the two awards we were nominated in (Best B2B company with online revenue under DKK 200 million, and Best E-commerce Tool).

The reason

The jury selected the three winners in each category, and were spot on in their description of Shipmondo and our work. Here is what they said about us in awarding us third place in the category Best E-commerce Tool:

“With this tool, it’s quick and easy to get started for any type of webshop. The company builds all the features that make everyday life easier for the e-merchant ecosystem (returns, integrations, etc.) - it’s not just a label! It has a broad target group and about 45,000 customers on the platform. In addition, we must thank this tool for helping 40,000 Danish webshops start an e-commerce adventure. The tool has great growth potential abroad, as it is easy to establish locally in new markets.”

And here is why Shipmondo won third place in the category Best B2B company with online turnover under DKK 200 million.

“Profitability at the top and bottom characterizes this company, which can also be proud of an impressive customer satisfaction. They are growing both nationally and internationally in the growing e-commerce industry, which is due to the entrepreneurial approach and their ability to convert customers’ specific needs to concrete solutions.”

Shipmondo Ehandelspris 2022

The work for Danish e-commerce is bearing fruit

We could write an entire novel about how happy and proud we are of this recognition, but what really delight us is that we have the coolest team that works hard every day to make Shipmondo the best e-commerce tool. That price does not come without hard work.

But we love it! We love helping our entrepreneurs and businesses make their order and freight management as easy as possible, so they can spend their time growing their businesses instead. We go to great lengths to make this a success, and this is a great indicator that we are well on our way.

We will continue to develop our product and solutions, and work to remain an indispensable tool for all types of businesses in even more countries. But we can’t do it alone, so a big thank you to all of you who believe in us and use our solution. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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