Extended package insurance through Shipmondo

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 07/07/2023

If you are shipping from Scandinavia, you can purchase extended package insurance and increase the insurance amount on your packages through Shipmondo.

Extended package insurance through Shipmondo

Are you sending packages with a value that is not covered by the carriers’ general coverage amount?

Don’t worry, Shipmondo can help you with that.

You can insure your packages and thereby raise the insurance amount so it covers more than the carrier’s general insurance amount when shipping from the Scandinavian countries through Shipmondo.

Package Insurance: Is my package insured?

When you create a shipment through Shipmondo, the package is initially insured up to a certain amount depending on the carrier you use for your shipment.

You can increase the insurance coverage amount with Shipmondo’s extended package insurance and receive compensation for valuable goods if something goes wrong.

For example, for shipments with PostNord in Sweden we provide coverage of up to 20,000 SEK, or for shipments with Bring Norway we provide coverage of up to 20,000 NOK.

You have several options when choosing extended package insurance. We have created a list to help you get an overview and find the solution that best suits you.

Here is an overview of the carriers’ standard insurance coverage amounts.

Extended package insurance

We’ve made it easy for you to purchase extended insurance through Shipmondo!

The insurance is added per package, where you simply select the insurance under “Additional services” when booking your shipment.

It’s easy, clear, and straightforward.

Extended package insurance

Within Denmark, you can among others purchase extended insurance with PostNord, GLS, and dao.

Moreover, from Denmark, extended package insurance can be purchased on shipments made to most European countries. Within Sweden, you can among others purchase extended insurance with PostNord and DHL Freight.

Within Norway, you can among others purchase extended insurance with PostNord and Bring.

If you need to ship packages abroad, there are a few other conditions that apply.

You may find that the price for extended insurance varies, depending on the country your shipment is being delivered to.

What should I do if my package goes missing?

If you are in an unfortunate situation where something something has happened to your package, we’ve made it easy for you to create a claim form.

The claim must be made directly to the carrier who handled the package.

If the carrier accepts the claim/compensation, the package will automatically be covered by Shipmondo’s extended package insurance, as long as the general terms and conditions are complied with.

The insurance amount is generally calculated based on the documented purchase value of new products.

Read more about how to create a claim form.

What can I insure?

Shipmondo’s extended insurance covers general commodities and electronic products.

The insurance does not cover certain product groups, such as:

  • Mobile phones
  • Live animals
  • Jewelry
  • Money or money representatives

Here you’ll find a complete overview of products the insurance covers.

How to get started with Shipmondo

Are you looking for a good, cheap freight solution for your webshop which, to top it all off, also offers you extended package insurance? Then Shipmondo is the obvious solution!

With a Shipmondo account, you can ship packages across carriers from one single platform, whether you use your own shipping agreements or the ones we’ve negotiated for you.

You can easily and quickly get started booking freight and we even give you access to several free features and services, so you can easily automate your workflow and use your resources in other places.

With Shipmondo, you get a complete solution. We’ve gathered together everything you need to know about shipping prices and the different carriers.

Make sure your freight management is easy to handle, while still being efficient, with a Shipmondo account. We have no subscription or binding period.

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