First Quarter News 2021

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 06/04/2021

Here we’ll give you a brief summary of the new features, carriers and other news we have introduced to you since the beginning of the year.

New features

It’s our everyday mission to make your workflow more efficient and to develop new features to help you out. One of the things we have been working on is to make it easier for you to add a carrier, create a new delivery option or set up a new integration. This means that you now can import your delivery methods from your webshop with a single click, and it also applies to your order statuses and payment methods.

We have also made it possible for you to edit your orders, if needed. Directly on your orders, you can change service point, shipping prices and discounts very easily. You’ll see in the video below how it works

The possibility of editing your orders makes it easy for you to change certain information in a single order without spending too much time on it. Another thing you can do is to mark the shipments you send through third parties as ‘Delivered by third-party’, which will set the status of your order as shipped in Shipmondo - just like when you create a shipment through Shipmondo. This is a great feature for you who have your items stored and shipped directly from your supplier.

Another feature we have introduced for you is the expanded version of the personalized message in Shipmondo where we have added a Bcc field. This, to make it easy for you to automatically invite your customers to write a review about your product. In the Bcc field you need to add your unique Trustpilot email address to start the collection process. The feature is called Trustpilot Automatic Feedback Service (AFS), and we have made a guide about the AFS-setup.

After all these setups, you can automatically transfer data with a webhooks-feature. This feature enables you to get live-pull data on your shipments, orders and drafts directly from your Shipmondo account to your own system. Read more about webhooks and how to set it up in our guide.

New carriers

We are always looking for new corporations with carriers to make your shipping management just as easy for you. In the past three months, we have added two new carriers to our list; the Danish carrier, Interfjord and the international one, TNT. With both carriers, you need your own shipping agreement to make use of their services.

Interfjord provides local support and global transport, and they can handle shipments by land, sea and air. You can also ship everything from packages, pallets and goods. With TNT you can send documents, pallets and packages from door-to-door, and from Denmark, Norway and Sweden, you can send to the whole world within a time frame that suits your needs.

The carriers, Bring Denmark and PostNord Denmark, have both added new services to their service lists. It is now possible for you to send packages without a printer with Bring Label Free, if you ship from Denmark and have your own shipping agreement with Bring. To send labelless, just tick off ‘Label Free’ when creating shipments in Shipmondo. In addition, PostNord is now capable of delivering seven days a week with MyPack Collect. This means that you can offer your customers even faster delivery.

New case-stories

The past three months have also included two new case-blogs with Zerv and Curvii. In January, Zerv participated in the Danish entrepreneurial show Løvens Hule, where they got an investment of DKK 2 million and two new investors to the team. They have nine webshops throughout Europe, and Shipmondo helps them to keep track of all their orders and with automation of their order and freight management. Curvii, by contrast, have designed their own workflows and book shipping through Shipmondo’s API. Reading their story you can get good advice if you need a unique solution for your order management. As always, you can also visit our case-site, where you can read a lot of interesting cases and maybe get inspired.

Shipmondo company news

It has also been a good start to the year for the Shipmondo-team. In current time, we are making order and freight management easy for 40,000 customers and still counting. We are so grateful for all of our customers and are happy to be a part of everyone’s journey.

It’s also been a good start to the year for the Shipmondo-team. In current time, we’re making order and freight management easy for 40,000 customers and still counting. We are so grateful for all of our customers and are happy to be a part of everyone’s journey.

New building

We are in the process of building a modern workplace to make room for continued growth and attract competent employees. This is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2021, and if you’re interested, you can read and see more about the new premises in our blog and see the video of the progress below:

Furthermore, we can proudly announce that we’ve been nominated for Dansk Erhverv’s 2021 e-commerce awards in the category “Best e-commerce tool”. As you may remember, we won the e-commerce award “Best B2B company with online revenue under DKK 200 million” last year. We are very grateful!

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