First Quarter News 2022

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 05/04/2022

The year 2022 is in full swing. We are slowly beginning to sense the first signs of spring, which indicates that the first quarter of the year has passed.

At Shipmondo, we have had a good start to the year. We have worked hard on developing new features and functions that will make it easier for you to do business. In addition, we have entered a lot of new collaborations with a number of experienced carriers, so you can get the most out of your freight and delivery options.

New features

You can buy extended coverage insurance through Shipmondo, when you ship within Denmark. Thereby, you can extend the carrier’s coverage amount. The insurance is purchased per package/shipping label, and you can simply add the service when you book your shipment. You can read more about extended insurance here (Danish article).

We have also created an add-on for your print client. Now your print jobs are stored for 48 hours, so even if you turn off your computer and printer overnight, your print jobs are still available the next day and will be printed as soon as you start your computer and printer.

If you do not know about our print client, you can read much more about how it can make your everyday work life easier with automatic printing.

Shipmondo automatisk print

New carriers and an integration

In the last few months, we have brought new carriers onboard and entered a new collaboration with a webshop system.

For example, you can ship with DB Schenker Denmark through Shipmondo, if you have your own shipping agreement with the carrier. DB Schenker is one of the world’s leading companies in transport and logistics solutions, and the carrier gives you many opportunities to get the best shipping solution across national borders. Read much more about DB Schenker here.

You can also ship with the Danish carrier Dansk Distribution through Shipmondo, if you have your own shipping agreement. With Dansk Distribution, you can send packages, pallets, and groupage in Denmark to Danish recipients. Read more about the collaboration here.

In February, we raised the Belgian flag, because we have made it possible for you to ship with the Belgian carrier bpost. If you have your own agreement with the carrier, you can have it activated on your Shipmondo account and start shipping packages in or from Belgium. You can use a variety of shipping products, and you can see all your options in our blog post here.

Our developers have also worked hard on a new shop integration. This time, it is with the Norwegian system If you connect your shop with Shipmondo, you can use Order Management and have your orders automatically imported into your Shipmondo account, where you can bulk-handle your orders and create shipments for one or more orders at once. Read more about the integration here.

Shipmondo company news

We have experienced various exciting things at Shipmondo. In February, we were nominated for the Dansk Erhverv Digital Handels e-commerce award in two categories: Best E-commerce Tool and Best B2B Company with Revenue under DKK 200 million. In March, we came in the top five in both categories, which means that the next step is to convince a jury of competent e-commerce experts that we are the best E-commerce Tool and the best B2B company with revenue under DKK 200 million.

Last year, we won the Best E-commerce Tool 2021 and the previous year we won Best B2B Company with Revenue under DKK 200 million 2020. We are very proud to be nominated in both categories this year.

We have also made it easy for you to find out about the carriers’ distribution plans during Easter. See the overview here.

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