Klarna Shipping Assistant, Starweb and new carriers

Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 14/04/2023

As the first quarter of 2023 is in full swing, we welcome the first signs of spring and share our latest news of the new year.

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At Shipmondo, we’ve had a fantastic start to the new year! Our team has been working hard to develop new features and guides that will simplify your business operations.

We’re also excited to announce new partnerships with several carriers to enhance our services.

Most importantly, we’ve had a great time!

Read on to discover what the first quarter of 2023 has brought us.

New carriers

Over the last few months, we’ve welcomed several new carriers to Shipmondo.

We strive to provide you with the best tools to manage your orders and book freight exactly the way you want it.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to ship your products directly to your desired destination.

We continue to work on bringing new carriers into the Shipmondo universe, so that we can ensure that Shipmondo is attractive to everyone.

We are especially happy to welcome three new carriers to the team!

Instabox, SDL, C.M. Transport

Instabox has joined the team!

With Instabox, it’s possible to ship parcels to all of the Scandinavian countries, if you have your own shipping agreement.

Instabox provides customers with the option of either home delivery or pick-up at one of their many red box locations.

You can read more about Instabox here.

If you have your own shipping agreements with C.M. Transport or Schou-Danielsen Logistik, you can book freight through Shipmondo and gather all of your shipping management on one single platform.

C.M.Transport provide the transport of building materials and they offer management of freight tasks with a variety of different means.

Schou-Danielsen Logistik on the other hand, handles shipment of goods and pallets, and offers next-day delivery throughout Denmark.

Klarna Shippping Assistant and Shipmondo

Shipmondo Klarna Shipping Assistant

By the end of January, we introduced Shipmondo in Klarna Shipping Assistant as a new solution for your checkout.

This lets you ensure that you provide the best checkout experience for your customers.

Klarna Shipping Assistant is part of Klarna Checkout and, with Shipmondo, you can enhance the entire checkout experience.

With Klarna Shipping Assistant in Shipmondo you can provide your customers with flexible delivery options, including the ability to choose a preferred parcel shop.

You can easily set up shipping rules, delivery methods, and rates on your own terms, making the purchase process transparent and convenient for your customers.

New integration: Starweb

Starweb integration

We are happy to announce a new collaboration with the Swedish webshop system Starweb!

With an integration to Shipmondo, your shipment information is automatically transferred to your Shipmondo account.

That way you can easily start booking freight, send personalized messages to your customers, track your shipments, and much more.

Connect your Starweb webshop with Shipmondo and automate your freight handling.

Shipmondo guides

In the last couple of months, we’ve worked hard to make it even easier and more manageable to run an online shop.

We’ve created a lot of guides to help you optimize your webshop and reach as many customers as possible!

Shipping labels

Delivery guide: All you need to know about the carriers’ delivery times

Delivery is a crucial factor in shaping the overall customer experience.

Today’s customers have high expectations for delivery times and demand flexibility in choosing carriers and pick-up locations.

Customers want a flexible and fast delivery, so delivery has become a competitive parameter, and a good delivery experience can easily become a competitive advantage for you.

With so many carriers, delivery methods, and alternatives, it can be a jungle to navigate in, so we’ve put together an overview of the expected delivery times for the most popular carriers in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway.

Choose the right payment methods for your webshop

Did you know that more studies show that up to 60% of online shoppers leave a checkout without completing a purchase if they can’t use their preferred payment method?

Flexible freight and delivery methods can have a great impact and enhance the purchase experience, but it’s important to remember that offering flexible payment options can be just as crucial.

That’s why it’s important to know which payment methods your customers prefer.

With so many different payment methods available, it can be difficult to make sense of all the different options and even more challenging to figure out which methods are preferred by your customers.

So, we dive into the most popular payment methods for the Scandinavian countries.

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