New Dashboard, Send invoices, and new carriers

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 09/04/2024

New Dashboard, send invoices to your customers with Shipmondo, and activate your agreements with Jetpak, Webrinq, and Packeta.

Quarter one: Completed! ✅

The first three months of 2024 have been nothing less than eventful!

We have launched a new Dashboard, giving you a great head start on the day. We have welcomed new carriers and looked closer into how you can make the most of Shipmondo, making your business run smoothly and cost-effectively.

Here, we provide you with a summary of the latest news in Shipmondo.

new dashbord in Shipmondo

New Dashboard

As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve updated and upgraded our Dashboard - and it’s not just a new look. There are also great tools to be found.

You get a focused overview of your orders and shipments when you start your work of the day in Shipmondo. It’s all gathered under Focus, where you can see the number of open orders, orders on hold, unpaid orders, and drafts - but also an overview of shipments with issues that may require your attention.

At the same time, you get an overview of your technical setup under Status, which includes your integrations, payment gateway, return portal, platform, and carriers.

You can still see your weekly shipping activity and the latest blog posts, so you can stay updated on our major news.

But we’ve also made space to share service messages and relevant information with you under Messages.

We’ve also optimized some menu tabs to make it even easier for you to navigate. For example, we’ve moved Billing under your Company Name, which you’ll find in the top right corner.

You can log in and see your new Dashboard now.

Automatically Send Invoices From Your Shopify Store

Send automatic invoices through Shipmondo

Shopify has its limitations and doesn’t support direct invoicing, which can make the process of getting your invoices to your customers a bit challenging.

With Shipmondo, you can work smarter by using the automated invoicing process, which not only saves you time but also allows you to use your resources in other places allowing you to prioritize other essential tasks within your business.

For a simple and effective solution to managing both orders and invoices, Shipmondo provides several solutions to streamline your invoicing process.

Send reminders to your customers

Remind your customers to pick up their package

This is not news. However, now that we have your attention, we still think it is worth highlighting. 😰❗

You can avoid the hassle and costs of uncollected packages for you and your customers by making simple automation of your messages in Shipmondo.

Customize a personalized message to automatically remind your customers to pick up their packages at the pickup point before they are returned to your warehouse.

It’s not just excellent customer service, but also a smart way to prevent unclaimed packages and return costs. Win-win for all!

You can send the reminder as an email or SMS. Either way, you can follow this guide.

New carriers

New Carriers: Book Freight with Webrinq, Jetpak, and Packeta

We have welcomed Webrinq, Jetpak and Packeta to our selection of carriers!

If you have your own shipping agreement with one of these carriers, you can set it up on your Shipmondo account and start booking freight.

By gathering all your shipping agreements on a single platform, you not only gain efficiency and save time. You also get the option to automate your freight booking and custom handling while using our other cool features.

Webrinq stands out for their commitment to environmental sustainability within the Danish borders.

By exclusively employing electric or biodiesel-powered vehicles for deliveries, Webrinq ensures eco-conscious shipping solutions without compromising service quality.

Jetpak prides themself on providing bespoke logistics solutions tailored to individual needs, ensuring prompt delivery anywhere in Denmark.

Their round-the-clock, 365-day-a-year express delivery service underscores their dedication to delivering packages swiftly and reliably, guaranteeing timely arrivals every time.

Packeta is a popular carrier among consumers in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, and Croatia.

They have a large network of subcontractors, allowing them to deliver parcels to home addresses across Europe. They have developed solar-powered parcel boxes and utilize innovation and technology to optimize the delivery process.

New integrations

New integrations: Connect to Reusely and DynamicWeb

Reusely and DynamicWeb have both introduced an integration to Shipmondo!

With these integrations, you can conveniently book freight directly through your Reusely or DynamicWeb system.

Once connected to Shipmondo, the integrations provide access to a wide range of carriers and unlock all of Shipmondo’s features, including Personalized messages and Return Portal, and many more.

Connect your Reusely or DynamicWeb system to Shipmondo today and streamline your daily workflow.

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