From Insight to Action: Shipmondo Analytics

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 16/04/2024

We provide the insights you need to make informed decisions about your order and delivery process, workflow, and returns.

From Insight to Action: Shipmondo Analytics

In a world where data is king and insights become increasingly fundamental to businesses’ success, we introduce Shipmondo Analytics.

A tool designed to equip you with the data-driven decision-making capabilities essential for your business.

Shipmondo Analytics offers valuable insights into various aspects of your business, from which carriers you have the highest volume with, to the most common reasons for returns stated on your return orders.

All this data can be utilized in your decision-making process and in evaluating initiatives in your daily work and future growth plans.

The analysis tool provides insights into the following areas of your business:

  • Orders
  • Pick paths
  • Shipments
  • Return orders

Let’s explore how the analysis tool can become valuable to you.

Valuable Overview with Order Analytics

Shipmondo Order Analytics provides you with a complete overview of incoming orders, sent orders, picked-up orders, and the number of items for the period you select.

It consolidates all incoming orders across integrations.

If you wish for a filtered analysis on one or more webshops/integrations, you simply choose them, thus obtaining detailed insight into the orders for a chosen period.

Order Analytics

You can easily customize the order analysis and history, whether you’re interested in data for a day, a week, a month, or an entire year.

This becomes a powerful tool for evaluating the growth and development of your business.

Best-Selling Products in a Period

And there’s more: With Shipmondo Analytics, you can explore seasonal trends and peak periods like Black Friday, or delve into the results of your latest sales campaigns. See which products performed best and then adjust your strategy accordingly.

You also get an overview of the products that you have sold the most in the period you have chosen.

Overview, most sold items

Imagine starting Monday morning with a clear picture of the weekend’s incoming orders and sold items. You can then check the overview of sold items and gain good insight into which products need to be picked and shipped that day.

Furthermore, it provides a historical view of popular items and those that have sold well in a promotional campaign.

You can also keep an eye out for new items that are surging to the top of the list, indicating a need to restock due to high demand.

This way, you can act proactively, always staying one step ahead.

Track the Development of Sales Abroad

Do you conduct business in multiple countries? You can also get a good visual image with an accompanying list view of the countries where your orders are coming from.

Orders per country

You will also see an analysis of the average number of items per order, along with a complete overview of the distribution of the number of items per order.

items per order

This is invaluable when working to refine your product categories, shipping rules, and package deals, and when evaluating whether your efforts are increasing the average number of items per order.

Want to read more about how you can handle your orders in Shipmondo? Then you can follow this link to learn about Shipmondo Order Management.

Maybe you’re also curious about how you can offer your customers the option to pick up orders at your store/warehouse. Then read about our Click and Collect solution.

Ready, Set, Start Pick Path

If you use Shipmondo’s digital pick paths, you also get an analysis of the day’s picking work and performance.

The pick path analytics provides a complete overview of the day’s picking, including the total number of pick paths completed, the number of items, items picked, and orders put on hold.

Pith path analytics

Warehouse Employee Performance

Do you have several pickers/employees in the warehouse?

Our system delivers precise data for each employee, providing invaluable insight into individual performance and helping you identify peak load times.

This analysis enables you to make informed decisions that can enhance the efficiency and productivity of your team.

Perhaps you also reward based on performance or motivate with a bonus on important workdays?

Pick path analysis

Digital pick paths offer many advantages.

In fact, you can pick 50% faster than if you use physical pick lists today. This can create a significant improvement in your numbers.

Digital pick paths also allow you to pick based on product images and minimize packing and picking errors with our order check function.

Want to read more about how to get started with pick paths? Then check out our guides here:

A World of Shipments

With Shipmondo Analytics, you gain an overview of your shipping data for the period you select. You can further refine the analysis by choosing a specific carrier.

Dive deep and discover which freight products and carriers you use the most.

Do you sell through a webshop? It provides crucial insight into your most popular delivery methods and carriers among your customer base.

Do you ship to multiple countries? Then you can delve into the share of shipments per country. And much more.

Insight Into and Overview of Shipping Data

The analysis of your shipping data offers insights into your booked shipments; the number of shipments, the number of packages, and the average weight per shipment.

Analysis of shipments

If you need a deeper look into your shipments, you can also see the distribution of carrier-specific product information.

This information is relevant when you need to evaluate the effect of new carriers, changes in delivery methods, and/or adjustments to your shipping rates.

shipments by country and product

Do you ship across borders?

Now, you can see a graphical visualization and list view of your international shipments, and how the share of your total volume is distributed - also from a historical perspective. We store data for two years.

In-depth Analysis of Return Data

Balancing the benefits of an attractive return solution that reassures customers shopping with you, while striving to minimize the return rate, is a challenging discipline even for the largest webshops.

However, with Shipmondo Return Portal Analytics, you get a detailed analysis of your return shipments when using the Shipmondo Return Portal and our return management feature, making it even easier to ensure your customers have a positive return experience.

You can filter the analysis for the period you wish to see and filter by a specific return portal if you have more than one.

Return Portal analytics

This gives you a historical view of the development of return shipments, the items involved, and how many return shipments have been approved.

Patterns in Your Return Orders

Additionally, you get a detailed analysis of the frequency of returns at the item level, detailing how many items were sent and returned during the period, along with a visualization of the proportion.

Patterns in your return orders

For example, if you have six items returned, but it’s your best-selling item, it may not require further action.

However, if six items are returned out of the six sent, it likely demands your attention. This analysis allows you to quickly spot patterns in the items that are being returned.

Optimize the Buying Experience, Minimize Returns, and Increase Your Bottom Line

Dig deeper and look into the reasons your customers have indicated for returning an item when they created the return case on your return portal.

Are the customers primarily regretting their purchase, or is the item defective/incomplete?

This provides valuable insight, enabling you to take proactive steps before shipping more items to other customers. Perhaps a production flaw or transport damage is affecting your entire batch of goods?

If you sell clothing or accessories in different sizes, you can also gain insight into whether some items run small or large and possibly add a description in your product texts on your webshop.

The analysis in many ways gives you important information about your return items, enabling you to take action and provide excellent service and a sublime shopping experience.

Return reasons methods

Furthermore, you get a complete overview of the distribution of reasons, solutions, and return methods your customers have chosen on your return portal.

Design Your Return Portal to Your Business

When using the Shipmondo Return Portal, you can define the reasons, solutions, and return methods relevant to your business.

Offer your customers a refund, create a gift card, or exchange the item as a return solution. Give your customer the option to send with their preferred carrier or to drop off the return package at your address.

You also decide the price of the return shipment.

Want to read more about your setup options with Shipmondo Return Portal? Check out our guide: Setting Up Return Portal - Return Management.

Whether you’re looking to refine your approach to local delivery options or aiming to optimize your international logistics and workflow, our analysis provides the data and insights you need to make informed decisions.

If you have questions about how to interpret your analyses, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, who are ready to give you top-notch advice and guidance.

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