As seen on ”Dragons’ Den”: Myselfie’s journey

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 13/01/2020

It has been a fast journey from entrepreneurs to a well established business for Myselfie. Shipmondo has been a part of the journey from the beginning.

As seen on ”Dragons’ Den”: Myselfie’s journey

Thomas Bennedsen and Peter Lynggaard Petersen are behind the entrepreneur company Myselfie, which became well known after a visit to the DanishTV programme ”Løvens Hule” (Dragons’ Den).

They entered the show with a Myselfie – a selfie camera that you can rent for parties and events.

Customers can rent and order a Myselfie through their webshop. When the order is placed, the Myselfie team makes sure that the camera is sent on the right day and a return label is enclosed in the package, so the customer can easily return the selfie-camera via the nearest parcel shop.

The two entrepreneurs know each other from their younger years as gymnasts in Vejle, and their roads crossed again when the idea of Myselfie was created on the dance floor.

At the time, Thomas was a DJ and saw a market for what was later on called Myselfie, among the happy guests on the dance floor. Peter was a previously professional dancer, but it was not hard to bring him onboard the Myselfie project, according to Thomas.

Started in the living room

Like many other entrepreneurs, they started their business in their living room and garage. In real entrepreneur style, Peter packed and shipped Myselfies from his apartment in Copenhagen, while Thomas did the same from Vejle.

The demand grew and it was a tough fight to keep up. Many Myselfies were sent from the apartment in Copenhagen and from Thomas’s garage.

Special needs

The two entrepreneurs quickly needed a solution which could streamline and organise their bookings. A system which could help with shipping the packages was what was necessary.

The problem for Myselfie was that the bookings took place long before the packages needed to be sent.

So, the two entrepreneurs integrated their webshop with Shipmondo, so that their order information was automatically transferred to Shipmondo.

At the same time, they built a simple program which worked with Shipmondo, so that their Myselfie was sent on the correct day.

Many carriers haven’t built their own portal where it is possible to create labels. So Shipmondo is the link that saw our needs as entrepreneurs. That’s the link which has made it easy for us, Thomas says.

Shipmondo is an important team player

The demand for Myselfie grew significantly after they participated in the popular programme “Løvens Hule”, where a number of investors are ready to invest in entrepreneur companies. Myselfie got all five investors on board and managed to leave with one million DKK.

Afterwards, the two entrepreneurs became really busy. Luckily they got their new warehouse two months ahead of time.

They moved the company from their living room and the garage to a warehouse in Vejle. But it was necessary to establish an automated workflow and to get organised differently.

It was a challenge to get started with the logistics setup, and this is where Shipmondo has helped. Without them, it would have been a manual process and very inefficient. This is a part of our success. It wouldn’t have been possible to grow into several hundred units without an automated solution like Shipmondo, Thomas says.

Here you can see a video in which Thomas tells us more about their setup:

Myselfie and Shipmondo abroad

Myselfie has already taken on the German market and gathered all the logistics in their existing setup. Their plan is that the list will in time cover Sweden, Finland and the Benelux countries, too.

We’ll keep our setup in Shipmondo when we go international. It was very lucky that we don’t have to look for a new supplier and that we can keep it that way, as Shipmondo have also expanded their markets.

With Shipmondo, it is possible for Myselfie to send to all of their desired countries and the rest of the world.

Last, but not least, Thomas gives his best advice to other entrepreneurs:

First of all, it isn’t as hard as you would think. Anybody can create an account on Shipmondo and then you can just send, and the physical barriers are broken. So get started, Thomas encouraged.

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