Get ready for Black Friday with Shipmondo

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 13/10/2023

Black Week and Black Friday is near, and it’s not too early to start the preparings. Shipmondo prepares you for the biggest sales week of the year.

Get ready for Black Friday with Shipmondo

When is Black Friday 2023?

This year, Black Friday is Friday the 24th of November, and although the day may seem far away, it is not too early to start the preparations.

The day, and in some cases the whole week, called Black Week, is long awaited by consumers, and the expectations for a good experience with fast dispatch are high.

Of course, you want to be able to live up to these expectations, right?

For the past few years, Black Friday has been a big day, and this year the day is expected to be a sales-rich (and busy) day as well.

And after Black Friday comes the big online day, Cyber Monday, which is also a busy sales day that usually involves nice offers and discounts.

Cyber Monday is Monday the 27th November.

Shipmondo is with you all the way and is always ready to help.

We have rounded up the best features for a fast and efficient workflow during the Black Friday party – and they are all completely free when you have a Shipmondo account. Read along!

Offer multiple shipping options

First of all, it is essential to consider your freight and delivery options during Black Friday to make sure that you present the options your customers are expecting.

In Shipmondo it is possible to book your freight with several different carriers.

For example, if you are shipping within Sweden you can use DHL Freight and UPS on our agreement, and if you are shipping within Norway you can use PostNord and Bring on our agreement.

If you already have good shipping agreements with one or multiple carriers, it is also possible to have them activated in your account.

See all your freight options on our pricing site based on your sender and receiver country.

Also consider the possibility of adding multiple delivery methods to your webshop.

More carriers provide greater flexibility and greater freedom of choice for your customers at checkout, as they can choose just the carrier and delivery method that suits them.

This, you can set up in our Delivery Checkout.

You can read a lot more about shipping and delivery during Black Friday in our blog.

Create a fast order flow during Black Week

One of the most important things in order to ensure a fast order flow is your order management process.

Integrate your webshop with Shipmondo to take advantage of Order Management and gather all your activities in one place.

If you already know this, just skip to the next point.

Order management is, in short, all your work with your orders - from end to end.

With Order Management in Shipmondo, you can gather together all the tasks connected with any specific order in one platform, thus saving you a lot of time, which comes in pretty useful on a busy day like Black Friday or during Black Week.

In Shipmondo, you have the opportunity to set up just the flow that makes sense to you.

But let’s dive a little deeper into the other essential features in your work with your shop.

Set your warehouse work on fire with pick paths

This pathbreaking feature will speed up your work in your warehouse.

With our digital pick paths, you can pick items for several orders at once.

You can pick with a computer, tablet, mobile or a handheld terminal, and on your screen you will see product images for the product to be picked.

It is a complete digital solution that can save you time, steps, paper, and, last but not least, money.

You can also minimize any picking and packing errors when you use our order check where you confirm your pick by scanning the barcode on the item you are picking.

If the item is not part of the order, you will receive an error message from the system.

Just see how easily Sebastian picks items for five orders in the video here:

If you are not so digitally inclined and want to have a physical paper in your hands, you can also use our regular pick paths.

Here, you can print one picking list with a complete sorted overview of all the items you have to pick.

If you have location codes on your items, the pick list is sorted based on these locations, so you only have to go to the same shelf once.

Read much more about our different picking solutions.

To better emphasize just how important proper pick routines can be, especially during high seasons, we have performed a pick-speed-test that illustrates how enormous time-savers, our pick path list and digital pick path solutions, potentially, can be for you.

Even we were surprised of the results!

Set your printer on autopilot

Our functions are on fire, and so is the next one.

In Shipmondo, you can set up automatic printing, so that, for example, your shipping labels and delivery notes will be printed automatically as soon as the order is managed.

Use Shipmondo Print Client and print in different sizes (regular A4 size and label size 10x19 cm).

Or you can install the Print Client on multiple computers - we support both Windows and macOS - and add an unlimited number of printers.

This allows you to set up multiple packing stations, and thus handle many orders at the same time.

It’s a great way to get through all your orders on the same day.

Create a great Black Friday shopping experience

Besides checking your webshop’s technology, and all the other practical tasks that come with it, we give you two suggestions for important functions that can ensure a good customer experience on your webshop.

Create flexibility for your customers by installing Shipmondo Delivery Checkout on your webshop.

This way, you can let your customers choose the desired delivery location at checkout.

In addition, it’s a good idea to keep your customers updated on the delivery process in a personal way, so that you can create a feeling of presence.

You can do this with personalized messages in Shipmondo.

It’s also a service that you trigger automatically, either via SMS and/or e-mail, as soon as you have managed an order in Shipmondo.

You have the opportunity to write your very own message, and you can, for example, merge information about tracking so that the customer has the opportunity to follow the package’s journey.

Message during Black Friday

We have made a guide that takes you through the stages where you can automatically send personalized messages if you use Shipmondo Order Management and guides you in what you can write in your messages and when it is better to use SMS rather than email.

Read our guide here.

Remember your return process after Black Friday

When you say A, you must also say B, so that having many orders can potentially result in more returns.

So be ready for return packages after Black Friday/Black Week, too.

Create a free return portal already now, so you are ready and prepared.

A good tip: Consider extending your return deadlines until after Christmas.

Many people already buy Christmas presents for Black Friday, and it will therefore be a really good service if customers have the opportunity to return after Christmas Eve.

With a return portal, you can let your customers order return freight on your terms.

You determine the text on the return portal, the price and currency, and you can set up the return reasons yourself and make it possible for your customers to indicate a reason for return.

Our return portal is easy and simple for the customer.

If you use Shipmondo Order Management, you can manage both your orders and return orders in the same place, and the system will find the order that the customer is returning and create a return on it.

That is smart, and makes it easy and efficient for you to handle return orders and refunds.

You choose how the customer should access your return portal. It can, for example, be via a link in an email or somewhere on your website under your terms and conditions, for instance.

Your customer simply needs to access the return portal and enter the order number and email, then select the item(s) to be returned and enter the reason for the return.

You can then choose the return method and whether the customer wants the money back, a gift card or something else (which you have chosen and set up).

When the customer has paid, a return label and return slip will automatically appear, ready for printing.

You can also let your customers return their shipments without the need of a printer with labelless or QR codes.

Read much more about Shipmondo Return Portal.

Soooo… aren’t you just raring to get started right away? If you don’t already have a Shipmondo account, you can create a free account today and get started using our various features, services, and carriers.

If you have any questions or need elaboration on any of the features, you are always welcome to contact our support team at

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