Save time and money on your company’s Christmas gifts

Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 23/11/2022

Here we provide you a guide to get you easily through the Christmas gift race, so your customers, business partners, and suppliers receive your company’s great Christmas gifts on time.

Save time and money on your company’s Christmas gifts

Are you sending Christmas gifts to your customers, suppliers, and business partners? Then you must be aware of the time-consuming process – especially if you want to make your Christmas gifts personal. We all know how stressful Christmas shopping can be, and it can be even more stressful when there is a specific deadline to keep and a specific signal that you want to send to your customers and business partners. By giving Christmas gifts to your business partners, customers, and suppliers, you are emphasizing the value of the customer relationship.

A Christmas gift needs to send the right signal to both customers and business partners, so planning is essential in order to reach the end goal without stress when the month of December is approaching.

Here we give you a guide to get you through Christmas gift shopping, packaging, and shipping, so that you are ready for the hectic Christmas season.

1) Christmas gift shopping

You can buy your company’s Christmas gifts from many different webshops, which you can find through a simple Google search. We recommend that you find a webshop that offers a variety of delicacies or designer items which can be used for employees, customers, and business partners. That way, you spend less time on Christmas shopping, as you only need to visit and order from one webshop instead of multiple. By ordering from only one website, you also gain an overview and a convenience for yourself, as you will receive parcels from only one webshop and one carrier. This is highly preferable as it will ease the stress and make the overall process of Christmas shopping easier for you.

With the Christmas purchases in place, there often comes a desire to personalize the Christmas gifts with a card or logo sticker. However, online retailers often do not provide this together as a complete package, so here you have to turn to Google again.

2) Personal Christmas card

The Christmas card is an important part of the Christmas present but, when the list of recipients is long, the handwritten model does not seem that appealing. However, receiving an auto-generalized, apply-to-all letter is also very impersonal and not so appealing. So you should consider the overall message that you want your business to send, as this can be conveyed through a Christmas card.

A good alternative to a handwritten Christmas card is a Christmas card designed online. You phrase your Christmas greeting yourself and make room for a possible name to be added to the card. There are typically multiple options of Christmas cards to choose between, and you add images and logos yourself in order to make the Christmas card completely unique. By sending a personalized greeting card with logo and self-added designs, you send just the right message to your customers, suppliers, and business partners. We recommend that you find an online service that allows you to be a part of the process, designing and creating the text for the Christmas card. This can be found through a simple Google search.

Below, you can see a personalized digital Christmas card from Shipmondo. The Christmas card has been designed in order to align with our design, preference of colors, and with our logo.

Christmas company card example

3) Packaging and repackaging

When the Christmas presents arrive from the supplier, the existing packaging can be reused when you are sending them forward. However, there is often a need for stronger and more solid packaging, extra padding materials in the boxes, and possibly gift wrapping before the parcels can be sent off to the recipients. In order to save time and have the packages ready for takeoff, we recommend that you consider this when ordering the Christmas presents, so that you are ready with the extra padding materials and the repackaging. That way, the next step on the road is made easier and more straightforward. There are a variety of different webshops that offer packaging, padding, etc. They can easily be found through a simple Google search.

When you send the Christmas presents, there are some things you should consider beforehand. One thing is the extra padding and repackaging for the shipment. Additionally, you should be aware of the different requirements that different carriers have. There might not necessarily be the same standards and requirements for packaging and parcel types. It is therefore important that you make sure that your parcels are compliant with the requirements of your carrier.

If you need information about specific carriers’ requirements, you can read more here when booking through Shipmondo’s shipping agreements, or else we recommend that you contact the specific carrier directly. If you are in doubt of which carriers are available in your country, you can check right here.

4) Send Christmas gifts: Easy preparation of shipping labels

When the Christmas presents have been wrapped and are ready for delivery, the last step is to get them sent off via the postal service. Here you should preferably avoid buying shipping labels at the postal service. It is expensive and time-consuming to fill out shipping labels by hand. Instead, use an online parcel post service.

For instance, through Shipmondo you can easily load a CSV- or Excel file with recipients’ addresses, and with a few clicks you can prepare shipping labels for printing on a standard A4 printer or label printer.

Do you have doubts about which label printer to use? Fear not! We have put together this overview of the different printers, scanners, envelopes, and invoice pouches – and where to buy them.

Shipmondo offers inexpensive shipping with a range of different options for carriers, for instance Bring, DHL GLS, and PostNord depending on your sender country. You can read more about our prices here and check out your options, or create a free account to see all the prices.

How to easily prepare you shipping labels with Shipmondo:

  1. Log in or create a free Shipmondo account.
  2. Prepare a CSV- or Excel file with recipients’ addresses and load the file into your Shipmondo account.
  3. Bulk-create your freight and shipping labels from the imported addresses.
  4. Print your shipping labels and submit the parcels to your nearest postal service or parcel shop.

See the carriers’ deadlines for submission and delivery, in order to ensure that your parcels arrive before Christmas Eve.

Shipping with Shipmondo

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