Shipmondo guides: What is Track and Trace?

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 10/08/2022

Track and Trace is a tracking technology, that allows your customers to track their packages, during delivery. Read more about T&T and how you can use it.

Shipmondo guides: What is Track and Trace?

What is Track and Trace?

Track and Trace, also known as T&T, provides details and information about a certain parcel, so you can track the delivery process at all times and see exactly where the parcel is. Almost all parcels, which are being shipped today, are being scanned digitally by the carrier, every time they reach a new destination in the delivery process. The data is being processed online through a given and valid package number. That way you and your customers can always be aware of where in the process the package is.

With Track and Trace you allow your customers to get involved in the delivery process of a given parcel. You allow your customers to access information about the whereabouts of their parcel at all times, so they also know when to expect the delivery. Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of Track and Trace and why it is a good idea to provide this service for your customers.

What is a package number?

A package number is a unique series of numbers that identify and represent a package during transit. The package number is usually found right under the barcode on a shipping label. The barcode and the package number are identical, since they represent the same parcel. Carriers scan the barcode in order to quickly identify where the package is headed towards, while the package number is used for the sender and recipient of the parcel. It is this package number that the customer must use to track their parcel and follow its delivery process. In the picture below, you can see an example of a Norwegian Bring label with a package number and barcode.

Bring shipping label

How to use Track and Trace

Track and Trace is useful both if you are sending a parcel and if you are waiting for a package to arrive. All you need is the parcel’s shipping number, which is usually a numerical code, which appears right underneath the barcode on a given shipping label. The code is generated automatically, when a shipping label is ordered. The code needs to be entered on the carrier’s website in order to access the data.

Many carriers offer Track and Trace of packages, so it is a good idea to offer the service to your customers and share this information with your recipient. You can do this in more ways, than one.

Advantages of Track and Trace

There are many benefits to gain, by offering T&T to your customers. It allows them to access information about the exact whereabouts of their package. Even better, it is a free service which most carriers offer - carriers such as PostNord, Bring, UPS, and so on. Here you can see the different carriers on our platform.

If you are recorded as the sender of a package, you can follow the path of the parcel online, so that you know when the parcel will be delivered to the recipient and where it has been delivered to.

T&T is also an advantage for the recipient of the package. The recipient can track the parcel and easily see how far the parcel is along the way and when they should expect the delivery. It is particularly convenient for the recipient of a delivery to be able to track a parcel, if a home delivery has been ordered. Then the recipient can make sure to be home and ready for the delivery at the right time.

If you run a webshop, tracking is an important part of a good delivery experience. It creates transparency between you and the customer, as you invite the customer to always know exactly where the parcel is at any time. That’s what we call good customer service.

A tracking link is a unique URL, which makes it possible for your customers to track their package. You can send the tracking link to your customers by using different methods, one way of keeping them informed about the whereabouts of their parcel is with personalized notifications and emails. This way, you enhance the customer experience and by adding the tracking link to the message, you are keeping them informed about the delivery process as well. When you use the personalized message feature, you decide exactly what you want the message to say and how it should be said. With Shipmondo you can send automatic messages, including the tracking number and link in just one email. Below you can see an example of a personalized message with a tracking link:

Tracking email

Do you want to know more about Shipmondo’s features? Read more here.

You can also quickly get started with sending parcels and creating personalized messages with tracking links by using Shipmondo. Create a free account and get started within 5 minutes.

Parcel in transit

If your shipment status shows that your parcel is in transit, it means that it has been processed by the sender and is on the way to delivery with the carrier. Your parcel is on its way. When a parcel is in transit, it means that the goods are being delivered to a different country, but needs to go through a third country, also known as a transit country, in order for the parcel to make the journey to the recipient country. However, the parcel does not need to be processed by customs in the transit country. This shipment status may be on display until the parcel has been delivered. Parcel in transit is often being displayed, when it is a shipment from abroad, where the time between scannings of the parcel is longer due to the longer distances. Carriers like UPS are likely to have the shipment status’ shown as in transit.

You should note that parcel in transit does not necessarily mean that your parcel is in a moving vehicle (plane, truck, etc.). “Parcel in transit” simply means that your parcel is headed towards the final destination.

Tracking shipments through Shipmondo

If you use Shipmondo, you can track your shipments across the different carriers - thus you only need to reference one webpage. Our tracking page can track all of the parcels that have been shipped through Shipmondo. Additionally, the page shows an assortment of information about the parcel, the on-going registrations, and scans that the parcel has passed through. If you use a carrier like Bring and want to track the shipment through Shipmondo, the page will look like this, when the parcel has reached the final destination:

Shipmondo tracking page

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