FAQ: How do I get started sending packages?

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 20/04/2023

As a newly started webshop, there can be a lot to keep track of when you have to send packages. How do you book freight and what do you need in order to send parcels?

FAQ: How do I get started sending packages?

Every day, millions of packages are sent around the world, and the carriers work at high pressure to deliver on time.

And the demands for quick and affordable shipping are high.

As a trader, it is crucial to understand the various options available for shipping packages and avoid making common mistakes.

This may raise a lot of questions, because how do you send a package correctly? And what should a company or webshop use in order to send packages?

How do you ship with, for example, PostNord, Bring or UPS?

There are many ways to send a package – and there are also many ways not to send a package.

But fear not. We are here to help!

How do I send a package/parcel?

It’s easy to send a package. Just follow these five simple steps:

  1. Choose carrier. Get to know the carriers and their services, so you can choose the one that best suits your business.

  2. Pack the items securel.. Make sure your items cannot get broken during transport. Always check the carrier’s instructions for packaging to avoid fees. Read more about packaging later in this guide.

  3. Create shipment. You can book freight online or you can go to the nearest post office and buy a shipping label. The shipping price depends on the carrier and the dimensions and weight of the package, as well as the destination. Read more about how to book freight online through Shipmondo – your online shipping portal for businesses.

  4. Print shipping label. You can print your shipping label on a label printer, but you can also print it on an ordinary A4 printer. Pay attention to the size of the shipping label, which you can read more about later in this guide. Always remember to attach the label correctly and make sure it can’t get torn or damaged. If you are in doubt, you can read our label guide here.

  5. Send package. Go to the nearest drop-off point or post office, depending on the chosen carrier, and hand in your package. You can see the nearest drop-off location to you here. Some carriers can also pick up your shipments at your location, for example UPS and DHL Express/Freight.

How to send a package

Book freight with popular carriers through Shipmondo and get access to a lot of free features.

You can, among other things

Create a free account and send your first parcel today.

There is no binding and no subscription – you simply pay as you go.

What do I need in order to send a package?

It doesn’t take much to get started sending packages.

All you need is:

  • The item(s) to be shipped
  • The right packaging
  • A printer/label printer *

* It is also possible to send packages without using a printer and shipping label with some carriers. That is called labelless/e-label. Read more about later in this guide.


What kind of packaging should I use?

The right kind of packaging depends on the items that you sell.

For example, if you sell clothes and accessories, you can consider shipping bags, also called mail order bags, which are easy and quick to pack and protect the items from water and dirt.

If you sell larger items, such as furniture, it is a good idea to send them in cardboard boxes with packaging filling.

Always check the requirements and conditions set by the carrier in question for handling packages.

Some carriers can only handle packages that are system-compliant; that means packages that can be sorted by a machine and stacked.

You will incur a special handling fee if you send packages that are non-system-compliant.

If you need to send packages that are non-system-compliant and can be stacked, we have created guides on how you, among other things, can:

How do I print shipping labels?

Shipping labels can be printed on a label printer or an ordinary A4 printer.

Most people use a label printer with label paper to print their shipping labels.

With a label printer, the shipping label is printed in the correct format, and it is also ready to be put directly on the package, since it is printed on special paper.

When printing on an A4 printer, you need to attach the shipping label yourself with tape or use a delivery note pocket/plastic pocket.

Read here how to choose the right label format and printer setup.

Plastic pocket for shipping label

Where can I buy a label printer?

You can buy a label printer both online and in physical stores.

We have compiled an overview of where to buy a label printer and shipping labels here.

You can use a label printer for both Windows and Mac systems, and the most common label printers are Brother and Zebra brands.

Shipmondo is compatible with both brands, but if you are about to buy a new label printer, we recommend a Zebra printer.

Find an overview of Zebra printers that we have tested with Shipmondo and therefore recommend, right here.

What size should shipping labels be?

Shipping labels can have various sizes.

Therefore, it is important to find out what size you should print your shipping labels before you start printing.

You can check this with your carrier.

In Shipmondo, you can print shipping labels from all supported carriers on 10 x 19 cm label paper and on regular A4 paper.

Is it possible to send a package without a printer?

Yes, it is!

Some carriers can handle shipments without a shipping label, but with a code written on the package instead. That is called labelless shipping or e-label.

If you ship through Shipmondo in Denmark, it is possible to ship labelless shipments with dao and Bring.

The code contains the same information as a shipping label.


Where can I drop off my shipments?

As a business, you can drop off your shipments in several places.

Where to drop off or hand in your packages depends on the carrier in question.

If you book freight through Shipmondo, you can always find your nearest pick-up and drop-off points here.

Can my packages be picked up?

Yes, you can have your packages picked up at your location, if you have a sufficient shipping volume and a shipping agreement with the carrier including pick-up (see next point).

Through Shipmondo’s shipping agreements, you can for example have your packages collected with

as soon as you have a free Shipmondo account.

Read more about whether your package needs to be dropped off or can be picked up at your address.

What is a shipping agreement?

A shipping agreement is an agreement that you, as a business/webshop, make with a shipping company about sending and delivering your shipments (and maybe also having them collected).

Typically, you need a certain shipping volume (ie., send a certain number of packages per month) in order to negotiate an attractive shipping agreement with a carrier and to be able to get a fixed pick-up agreement.

If you are a newly started webshop, or you don’t know how many packages you will send per month, you can use a system like Shipmondo.

Here, the shipping agreements are already negotiated for you.

Also, you only have to pay for the shipping you book (pay as you go), and there are no requirements for monthly number of shipments.

We have agreements with for example Bring, DHL Express/Freight, GLS, PostNord, and UPS, among others.

You can get the complete list here.

If you have your own shipping agreements, you can also easily use them on your Shipmondo account.

Book freight across agreements, automate and streamline your workflows, and get full access to our free features from day one.

How do I get a shipping agreement?

You can get a shipping agreement by contacting the carrier you wish to use and requesting a business agreement.

If you are in doubt about which carrier you should choose for your shipments, you can read our shipping guides for businesses.

We have made separate guides for the popular carriers in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, which guide you through the differences and offerings of the various carriers.

Go to Danish guide.

Go to Norwegian guide.

Go to Swedish guide.

Is my shipment insured?

Yes, your package is always insured, but the insurance amount depends on the carrier.

In Shipmondo, you can select extended insurance on your Danish shipments with dao, PostNord, and GLS.

With this option, you can extend the carrier’s coverage amount by up to DKK 2,000.

It is also possible to select extended insurance on your shipments in Norway with Bring and Postnord, and on your shipments in Sweden with PostNord and DHL Freight.

Here, you can also extend the coverage amount by up to 20,000 NOK and 20,000 SEK.

Send packages abroad

How do I send packages to the world?

You can easily send a package abroad – and it works in much the same way as when you send a package in your country.

Just follow the same five steps described earlier in this guide.

When sending abroad, you can also use many of the carriers you know, for example DHL and UPS.

The shipping price may vary depending on the carrier, destination, and the size and weight of the package.

Pay attention if you are sending to a country outside the EU, as you will need to manage customs and handle customs documents.

Read more about how to automate your custom documents.

This applies, for example, if you have to ship to Switzerland.

We have also made guides for those of you who want to:

Book freight and send packages through Shipmondo

If you are a business owner and have, for example, a webshop, you can use Shipmondo as your complete solution for your order, freight, and return management.

You can ship across popular carriers, book freight for several shipments at once and easily print shipping labels.

You don’t need any shipping agreements to get started, as you can use the shipping agreements in Shipmondo.

If you have your own shipping agreements, you can have them activated on your account.

Connect your order system or webshop with Shipmondo and have your order information from your shop imported automatically to Shipmondo with order management.

That way, you can book freight and print shipping labels with just a few clicks. It happens automatically and you get rid of a manual workflow.

Install our Print client and print in different formats and add an unlimited number of printers to your account, so you can set up multiple workstations and handle many orders at once.

You can also streamline your work in the warehouse with our digital pick paths, which saves you time and steps in the warehouse.

Just see how easily and efficiently Sebastian picks items for five orders:

It is free to create an account, there is no binding or subscription – you only pay for your consumption.

Send your first package in less than five minutes today!

Efficient returns: Let your customers send packages back to you

We also offer a free return portal that makes it easy for your customers to return their orders with you.

The return portal is user-friendly, and you can get a unique insight into your customers’ reasons for return.

Save time on your returns by creating a return process that is integrated into your order management, so you can automate your workflows.

You can design your return portal exactly according to your wishes and demands.

And you can make it even easier for your customers to return items, by letting them return them without having to print a return label.

Instead, they can use their phone with a QR code.

Read more about labelless return shipments.

See how simple the return portal is and get more information about the road to easy and efficient returns right here.

Got any other questions about shipments and shipping labels?

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

We will always help and advise you on freight-related topics.

Feel free to contact us by email support@shipmondo.com.

You can also see our Help Center where you can find answers to most questions about shipments through Shipmondo.

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