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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 05/03/2020

Can you sell meat online? Yes, this is proven by MrBeef. After their participation in Løvens Hule (Dragons' Den), they’ve been selling tons of quality meat.

It was a nerve wracking day for the butcher and webshop owner Ole Østberg on 13 February 2020.

This was the day when all of Denmark watched Ole and his business partner, Bjørn, participate in the popular entrepreneur show Lions’ Den, where Danish entrepreneurs are being thrown to the lions, so to speak.

The entrepreneur behind the webshop, Ole Østberg, brought quality meat from all over the world into the studio.

The lions couldn’t resists and they had to have a piece of his business. Jan Lehrmann and Jacob Risgaard invested in in exchange for a 20% equity stake.

We were excited to see how it would be clipped together. We were in the studio for one and a half hours and hadn’t seen the episode beforehand, so we were really excited, tells Ole, who is quite satisfied with their participation.

With new facilities, upgraded servers and a stable freight system as their backbone, MrBeef was ready to handle the many new orders that came as a result of them taking part in the Lions’ Den.

We were prepared for an increase in visitors on our webshop, so we’ve upgraded our webshop capacity and we’ve actually just moved into a brand new space as well. We’ll been packing and handling a multitude of orders for days following the broadcast. Xpressen has already been here 3 times today and will be back at 5PM.

Ole’s talking to us while helping with expediting a sizable amount of orders that they’ve received the Monday after the program.

Selling meat online

But how is it possible to sell meat online? With the right solutions, it’s not a problem. Ole is a true merchant and MrBeef imports meat from both Australia and The United States.

The meat is then trimmed, cut and packed according to customers’ wishes. It is packed in styrofoam boxes, with the addition of vacuumed ice blocks that are helping to maintain the low temperature throughout delivery.

The meat is being delivered directly to the customers’ front door.

There are only a few carriers that handle food delivery to private consumers. One of them is Xpressen.

We were standing in this situation a couple of years back where PostNord discontinued their food delivery service. We had to find another solution for our logistic needs and we had to do it fast. Luckily we found Shipmondo, that supported Xpressen at the time, and they were a lifesaver. We were up and running in no time, our own agreement with Xpressen got activated and and thus we got a stable and reliable freight solution, says Ole.

If you have a freight agreement with Xpressen, you can manage all your orders and shipments through Shipmondo.

Setting up the agreement is fast and you’re ready to go. Contact us at, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your business.

Click here to find the overview of all the supported carriers.

Personalized SMS and e-mail notifications

The customer starts by placing an order on MrBeef’s webshop.

The order is then imported to Shipmondo and the process of putting the order together according the packing list can now take place.

When the barcode on the packing list is scanned a shipment is booked, the payment captured and the label printed automatically.

An SMS and an e-mail notification will be sent to the customer at the same time, to inform them that their order has been packed and will be on it’s way shortly.

The whole process is completely automated and this kind of solution saves us a great deal of time - and time is money, says Ole.

You can design your own personalized message at Shipmondo to tell your customers that their order is on the way.

Improve your customers’ shopping experience and increase the chances of them choosing your store and shopping with you the next time.

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