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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 13/01/2020

Myselfie is a successful start-up business that became known through the TV programme "Løvens Hule" (Dragon's Den). Read how they use Shipmondo for their many shipments.

A Myselfie is a selfie camera, also called a photobooth.

You can rent a Myselfie for parties and events and save the memories of the party with funny pictures. The Myselfie is sent in a box that also includes fun accessories, such as a moustache or fancy glasses.

When the party is over, the Myselfie has to be returned the next day in the same packaging. In the box, the customer will find a return label which needs to be put on the package before dropping it off at the nearest parcel shop.

From Shopify to Shipmondo

You can order a Myselfie on their website. This website is built on the webshop platform Shopify.

With Shipmondo’s free integration with Shopify, Myselfie can automatically import all of their orders to their Shipmondo account - ready to book freight and print shipping labels.

Shipmondo offers a number of free integrations for a number of webshop platforms. You can see them all here.

A customised solution

When a Myselfie is ordered, the customer also chooses a date for the party or event. This means that the Myselfie is not supposed to be shipped right away.

Based on our public API, Myselfie has created a customised solution, so that the date of the customer’s event manages when their shipping label is created.

With Shipmondo, Myselfie ships all over Denmark and internationally.

Express shipments

When a customer contacts Myselfie at the last minute, the team creates an express shipment through the available shipping agreements in Shipmondo, so that the customer receives the Myselfie before the party.

With a free Shipmondo account, you get access to all of our shipping agreements with carriers, which you can use from day one. You can create a free account here.

Own shipping agreement

Myselfie have negotiated their own shipping agreements with several carriers and they have gathered them all in Shipmondo, so that they can easily book freight across carriers in one system.

If you have your own shipping agreements, you can write to us at and we will activate them for you on your Shipmondo account.

Read more about Myselfie’s entrepreneurial journey

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