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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 15/04/2020 is a big webshop with a lot of different workflows. As a webshop of this scale, it’s essential to have a stable and flexible, yet efficient system.

25,000 SKUs. 5 countries. 65 full-time employees. And thousands of orders every month. There’s no doubt that Rito is one of biggest online yarn and hobby shops in Denmark.

Dennis Drejer has been behind the business since 2014. His dream of entrepreneurship and online business was so big that it made the journey itself more important than which items were sold on the shop. Dennis could see that there was a market for yarn and hobby materials and supplies. The analytical that decision was, it was just as hard to come up with a name for the shop. Dennis elaborates:

I was in fact ready for launch, our online store was ready and the freight agreement too, but I spent another 3 weeks because I didn’t know what the name of the webshop should be. We played around with different combinations of my first and last name, and places I had lived. It didn’t have to have any specific meaning but it was supposed to be easy to remember and pronounce in different countries. It was supposed to be short and easy to spell.

And this is how Dennis landed on the name Rito. According to his research, it meant customized in Italian slang, which he thought had a creative feel to it. Thus the webshop was ready for launch.

Rito lager

From 12 to 4,000 m²

The number of square meters of the warehouse is probably the best indication of Rito’s development. Dennis started at a 12 m² shared office which quickly expanded to 25 m². After this the square meters rose to 50, 75, 100 and so on. Today, Rito’s more than 22,000 SKUs are kept in their 4,000 m² warehouse - because there are new items added to the shop constantly. Their busy everyday life and continuous development require a stable and robust freight management system.

Shipmondo is our freight and label management system - it’s the backbone of our business. Without them it would’ve been necessary to develop an integration to each particular carrier that we’re using. This is a major commitment and can easily be an extremely costly affair in terms of both time and money. At the same time we’re not risking any down time when using Shipmondo - we’ve never experienced that, Dennis says.

Rito has built their own solution via Shipmondo’s RESTful API. This has given them the freedom and flexibility to design their own solution to support their order management and pick-and-pack flow. Not having to develop and maintain a freight system with various integrations and send the EDI to different carriers has spared them for all the requirements and compliance rules that different providers have.

An efficient flow

Rito has designed and developed their own workflow. They pick 20 orders at a time in boxes suitable for the size of their orders. All the necessary information is shown on a tablet on each picking trolley. The pick list is then scanned and a freight label is printed automatically, the payment is captured and the order is fulfilled. If an order is shipped to Norway, all the relevant customs documents will also be printed automatically.

Switching to Shipmondo has given us a flexible online solution and a good sparring partner to discuss development of products and functions with, and that is cool. It’s gone from a headache to an integrated system which we don’t even have to give much thought. Works like a charm, Dennis says.

Being integrated into Rito’s own order management system, a lot of Rito’s warehouse employees don’t even know about the work that Shipmondo is performing in the background.

Ritos logistik setup

More carriers and a lot of countries

Rito sells to several European countries and therefore uses a number of different carriers - and there is a reason for that.

We’re using different carriers, depending on the market we sell on. In Denmark we’re happy with PostNord and dao, but the Norwegians love Bring. Customers have become more picky, so we’re doing our best to give them those options and delivery experience that makes them happy. Shipmondo makes this possible for us. It’s a good and flexible solution for bigger webshops, Dennis says.

Shipmondo’s freight agreements give you the access for booking of freight through a number of carriers, such as GLS, PostNord, dao, Bring, Danske Fragtmænd, DHL Freight and DHL Express. If you have your own agreements with these or other carriers, those can also be activated and used through Shipmondo’s platform. This gives you the flexibility of using entire Shipmondo’s platform, integrations, API and services while combining them with your own freight agreements, all in one system. Write to to hear more about the solutions for your webshop. At Shipmondo we care about and guide our customers no matter the size, so you can be sure that you’ll get a solution that understands and meets your needs to the fullest.

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