Keep your customers informed during the delivery process

Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 30/06/2020

New options: Design personalized emails and/or text messages and send them to your customers automatically during the packing process.

Keep your customers informed during the delivery process

Now we can present an extended version of the personalized message! You now have even more options for sending personalized emails and/or text messages when handling your orders and shipments in Shipmondo.

It gives you a unique opportunity to keep your customers updated and communicate with them along the way in the delivery process, exactly when it suits you!

You can write your very own unique message that suits your brand and at the same time gives your customers the information they are looking for - e.g., tracking number or link to the Track & Trace page.

You can also determine the exact time of dispatch of your message and set up different messages for each of your order integrations.

The good shopping experience

When you keep your customers informed along the way, you are up to speed and you can reduce the number of incoming emails to your Customer Service, for instance when your customers ask if their package is on the way and when they can expect to receive it.

You also have the opportunity to make a good impression on the customer so you will be remembered the next time. You can design the message as you wish and send a small greeting. It improves your customer loyalty and satisfaction.

It is “going the extra mile”, that makes the big difference. And why not do so, if it can be done automatically?

See below how you can use the personalized messages in different situations.

When the order is initiated and packed

When creating your messages, you can select multiple triggers that prompt different messages to be sent. In your Shipmondo you can choose to send a message when an order is either sat to Processing or marked as Packed as a part of your order management flow.

By doing so you can tell your customer that their package is underway.

Personalized message shipment

When the package is shipped: Send Track & Trace

You can still send a message when your package is ready for shipment. In this message, you can add a tracking number and/or tracking link so your customer can trace the package.

In this case, you can also choose exactly when your messages should be sent. If your drop off typically takes place in the afternoon, you can wait until five o’clock in the afternoon to send the messages, even if you created your labels in the morning.

Personal message order

Pick up at your store

As something brand new, you can also customize your messages in cases where the customer needs to pick up the package in your store or perhaps at your warehouse or home address.

To facilitate pick up you also have the option of creating a pickup label for an order with all relevant customer information so that you easily can find the package when the customer comes to pick up the package.

You can create the label by setting the order status to Ready for pickup in your order management system. Read more about how to handle your pickup orders.

You can send a message when the package is Ready for pickup, including pickup address, phone number or opening hours so that the customer knows exactly where and when to pick up the package.

Personal message pickup

Once the package has been picked up by the customer, you can send a follow-up message after having marked the order as Picked up in Shipmondo. You can send a greeting and thank the customer for the visit, or you can send a discount code for the next purchase. The decision is yours, you are only limited by your creativity.

Personal message thanks

You can design your message as exactly as you want. Get inspiration and see our three good examples of a good personlized message.

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