Keep your customers informed about their order

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 03/08/2022

Send personalized messages to your customers automatically in your order management. See some inspiring examples here.

Keep your customers informed about their order

“Have you received my order?” and “When can I expect to get my order?” If these are some of the questions you often get from your customers, then you should consider keeping them better informed during your order management. In Shipmondo, you can send personalized messages to your customers automatically and minimize your customer support efforts at the same time.

Let the customer follow their order

Use the personalized message to communicate with your customers and keep them informed all the way down the line. A personalized message is also known as a notification in addition to the ones your carrier might send. A personalized email or SMS notification will make your customer feel more secure about the delivery, production, and important information about the delivery, for example in a track and trace number.

Dispatch e-mail notification

You decide what you write and the exact time, you want to send the message. As an example, you can send a personalized message when you start processing an order to inform the customer that you’ve started processing it. Another way to use the personalized message is to inform the customer that the order has been shipped and is on its way. This will improve customers’ overall shopping experience and, by letting the customer follow along, help to make your brand feel trustworthy.

If you manage your orders in Shipmondo Order Management, you can use the personalized messages to continuously inform your customers of the order’s status. You can still send personalized messages when you book freight, even if you aren’t managing your orders on Shipmondo.

This blog will show you how to make your customer’s buying experience better with personalized messages throughout your order management. We will show you different examples of how you can customize a personalized message in your own voice and design.

Keep customers informed automatically

Your personalized message notification will be sent automatically when you manage your orders. When you create your personalized message, choose a trigger that determines which action will prompt the sending. It is easy to set up personalized messages and triggers on Shipmondo. Here is a full guide on how to do it.

New: More standard languages

It is now possible to set up and send personalized messages even faster to your customers in Germany, Sweden, and Norway. As something new, Shipmondo now offers pre-made standard messages, making it faster and easier to start providing a better customer experience in the above-mentioned countries (besides Danish and English of course).

Personalized email and SMS?

There are two types of personalized messages in Shipmondo: the classic email and the smart SMS. Below is a table that shows the differences between personalized email and SMS messages. You decide which type and how many personalized messages you wish to send to the customer. What makes the most sense to you and your business? You can also combine email and SMS. Below is a table that shows you the advantages of personalized messages on email and SMS.

Opening rate:HighLower
Content:Images, text, links, logo, and more.Text
Layout:Design freely with HTMLRestricted to few options
Message length:UnlimitedKeep short and concise
Customer perception:Can waitFeels urgent

How you can tailor a personalized message to your order flow

Here we have some examples of when it might make sense for you to send a personalized message depending on the type of products you’re selling on your webshop and your delivery time.

First example. Do you send food such as a meal kit box for example? Then it might be relevant for you to send a personalized message to your customer, saying that the order has been shipped and will be arriving shortly. In this case, with orders that need to be refrigerated, it might be a good idea to send an SMS as they are generally read faster than an email.

Meal kit box SMS notification

Do you sell clothes and shoes online and offer delivery the next day? Then you might be quick as lightning when you process and ship your orders. If this is the case, you should be careful with sending too many personalized messages within a few hours of each other. Customers might see them as spam.

On the other hand, do you have to first produce your orders or does your order processing run slow? Then you should consider informing your customers all the way, so they won’t question whether or not their order is on its way or not.

Do you need to inform a customer that their order is ready for pickup? Consider sending both an email and an SMS. If you do, chances are your customer will read your message during the day and collect their order on the same day. Delivery time is reduced and there will be more storage space for other orders.

If you experience that your customers miss your messages, it might be a good idea to send both an email and an SMS message so you can be sure that your customers will become aware of them. But it’s a fine balance. You don’t want to drown your customers with too many messages either.

When you process and pack the order

When you have started processing the order, it may be a good idea to inform the customer about it, to let them know that you have gotten to work. Letting your customer know that their order is being processed on top of an order confirmation will build more trust between you and the customer, leading to a better customer experience.

Example: Order is being processed

Email notification for longer delivery time

You can also choose to wait until the order has been packed to notify your customer if you think that’s more important.

When the order is shipped and on the way

When the order has been shipped, you can send a personalized message to the customer to inform them that their order is on its way. This way you’ll give your customer some peace of mind. Here you can add a tracking number or tracking link to your personalized email message in your personalized email notification, so the customer can follow their order anytime and see that it’s well on its way.

You can even modify the language of your message to match the country your customer is from.

Example: Personalized message to a Norwegian customer

Norwegian email notification

You can also choose a specific time at which you want to send the message notification. Let’s say that your orders are handed in or collected at 16:00. Then you can set the mailing time for your personal messages to 17:00. This way, your message that the order has been shipped is accurate. When you add tracking on top of that, your customer will typically be able to see that the order has left the warehouse later in the evening. If you are honest, your customer will trust your company and give some loyalty in return, when they need to shop online again.

Click and collect: report ready for pickup

Has your customer ordered click and collect? Then you can send personalized messages once the order is ready for pickup. To foster customer loyalty, you can send a follow-up message once the customer has collected their order.

When the order is ready for pickup

Send personalized SMS or email notifications automatically when the order is ready to be picked up at your store, warehouse, or company address. You can choose to include information about what the customer needs to bring to collect their order, your address, and opening hours. You can also choose a specific mailing time for notifying your customer. Choosing a specific time is a good idea if you pack your orders during your closed hours. If the customer can come to get their order at 10:00 in the morning the next day, then you can set the mailing time for 10:00.

Example: Order is ready for pickup in your shop

Pickup notification for click and collect

With click and collect, you let your customer choose whether they want to cut down the delivery time and collect their order from you directly instead of waiting around for the carrier. Learn more about click and collect as a delivery method.

After the order has been picked up

When the customer has picked up their order over click and collect, you can send a follow-up message, thanking them for the visit. A small effort such as thanking them again with a promotion coupon for your webshop may lead to stronger customer loyalty.

Example: A follow-up mail notification after the customer has picked up their order

After click and collect pickup notification

Get feedback from customers on Trustpilot

Do you want your customers to leave feedback about their shopping experience with you on Trustpilot? In Shipmondo you can send Trustpilot invitations to your customers automatically via personalized messages. This is possible with Trustpilot Automatic Feedback Service (AFS). AFS sends Trustpilot-review invitations to your customers for you seven days after your customer receives the personal message that you choose to hook up AFS to. You can use AFS whether or not you use Shipmondo Order Management.

A happy customer who tells others of their great experience will help promote your business.

Learn how to set up AFS with your personalized message.

Get started with personalized messages

If you have an account on Shipmondo, you can send personalized emails for free and SMS messages at a small price. See the prices for personalized SMS via Shipmondo.

You can easily create and automate personalized messages to all the countries that your customers live in. Register for a free account on Shipmondo, so you can start using personalized messages and other cool features today.

If you want to make the personalized email message even more personal, you can customize it however you want. To get you inspired, we have three great examples of personal messages for you.

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