Label guide: How to affix your shipping labels correctly

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 27/03/2022

Not sure where your shipping label should go, how big it should be, or what information it should contain? We guide you here.

Label guide: How to affix your shipping labels correctly

Shipping labels, labels for shipments, postage… Yes, there are lots of different ways to say it, but the meaning is always the same; it’s about the ability to send packages. If there is no shipping label on your package, there is no way for the carriers to know where it is going, who the recipient is, and where it should be returned in the event that no one collects it.

But it can be a bit of a jungle to find your way around shipping labels, printers, paper, measures and package types, packaging and so on, so we have put together a guide for you to get up to speed on what a shipping label really is and how to make sure it fits properly. Please note that this is a general guide, so you should always check your carrier’s requirements with regard to shipping labels, package sizes, etc. before sending your packages.

What is a shipping label?

A shipping label is a label for a package that carries unique information about where the package comes from and where it is going. So, although shipping labels vary in the information they carry, you will find that they are similar in appearance, as they always contain a barcode, a carrier logo, and shipping information, no matter whether you ship with Bring, DHL Express/Freight, GLS, PostNord, or a completely different carrier.

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Where should I stick my shipping label?

When sending packages, it is important that you place your shipping label correctly, so that the carrier is able to read the recipient information and can deliver your package to the right place. Your shipping label must be on the largest flat surface of the package, so that it does not get folded, and can be read and scanned.

How to correctly affix a shipping label on parcel

It is your responsibility as the sender to make sure that the shipping label is firmly attached, and cannot tear or fall off during transport. You should always check the package requirements and types with your chosen carrier before sending a package. There may be differences in how the carriers want the shipping label to be affixed, how big it should be, etc., so always make sure that you know your carrier’s requirements. Contact them directly or search their website for more information.

Below are a few examples of how a shipping label should not be placed.

Parcels with label on a corner and two labels

Parcel with tape and blurred print

Below, we have listed several carriers’ requirements for packaging, package size, and so on:

Shipping labels are often printed using a label printer on paper with an adhesive backing, so that they can easily be stuck, but it is also possible to print shipping labels on a normal printer, on normal paper. If you print shipping labels on plain paper that is not self-adhesive, pay attention to how to stick them to your package.

You can easily use tape or packing tape, but it is important that everything on the shipping label can still be read and scanned. So never put tape over the barcode on the shipping label. An alternative is a self-adhesive pocket – also called a delivery note pocket. This is a transparent plastic pocket with a self-adhesive side, which allows you to stick it to the package, insert the shipping label, and close it with tape. This way, the shipping label can still be read and scanned. However, be aware that not all carriers approve this, so always check with your preferred carrier before pasting your shipping label.

Read much more about where you can buy shipping labels, label printers, delivery note pockets, etc. in our article below.

What size of label paper should I buy?

A shipping label can be different sizes, depending on which carrier you ship with. The 10x10 cm format fits the labels of most carriers, and we at Shipmondo recommend printing in this format.

NB: Shipmondo does not sell shipping labels or label printers.

You can also print A4 shipping labels on a regular printer or use the popular ZPL format if you are printing on a Zebra label printer. If you print in A4 format through Shipmondo, your shipping label will fill half a page of the paper that you can paste on to your package.

Shipmondo shipping label

Read much more about label formats and printing options here.

How do I print shipping labels?

You can print shipping labels as soon as you get yourself a printer, whether it is a label printer or a standard A4 printer. If you have a Shipmondo account, you can easily add printers to your account and print shipping labels automatically. You can connect your webshop, your accounting system, your ERP system or something completely different to Shipmondo to create shipments and print shipping labels.

You can add multiple printers to your Shipmondo account, and you can print in several different formats, depending on your printer.

How do I book freight?

It is easy to book freight if you use a system like Shipmondo. Book with popular carriers such as Bring, PostNord and DHL Freight, or book through your own shipping agreements.

Creating a shipment is quick and easy, and it can be done either manually or automatically if you have connected your order system to Shipmondo.

Shipmondo allows you to easily print shipping labels and send packages. If you need advice on shipping labels, freight, delivery, and everything in between, we are also available. You get free support at Shipmondo. You can also find answers to most things in our Help Center, where we have collected together a lot of guides. We also have information on how to set up automatic printing.

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