Let your customers pick up parcels from you

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 29/06/2020

Let your customers pick up their parcels from you. Pick-up is a fantastic service to offer, saving freight costs for both you and the customer.

Let your customers pick up parcels from you

Are you offering your customers the option to pick up their parcels from you – at your warehouse, your home address or your store? Then listen carefully! We are offering the full package, so that you can easily and efficiently manage your pick-up orders in Shipmondo. As an extra bonus, we offer you the chance to give your customers the best buying experience and keep them informed in the process (automatically!).

Allow us to explain.

You import your orders from your webshop to your Shipmondo account – exactly as you are used to, through your order management. However, you now have the opportunity to order a pick-up label for orders that are to be picked up from you. Afterwards, you can mark your orders as Ready for pick-up.

Your pick-up label can be attached to the parcel, so that you have all the recipient’s information to hand in order to find the parcel easily when the customer comes to pick it up.

Let your customer pick up at your address

Send a personalized message

At the same time, you have the option to set up a message which gets sent automatically to the customer when you press Ready for pick-up.

This is a unique opportunity to enhance the customer’s buying experience, while also optimizing your time.

You can design your own message, but one useful option is to use it to inform your customer when, how or where they can pick up the package. That way, you can manage your orders easily and quickly, and at the same time keep your customers informed about when the package is ready. Not only do you make the process more efficient, but you also give the customer a speedy buying experience.

Personalized message

Get much more information on personalzed messages in Shipmondo and how to add track&trace link. You can also see many more examples of how to use the new options for personalized messages.

All in one order management

You can manage your pick-up orders directly in your order management - even when using scanner solution or digital pick paths. When you scan your packing list, you can, for example, print your pick-up label, set the order Ready for pick-up, and send the personalized message, as well as capturing payment on the order – all in one scan.

When the customers comes to pick up the order you can scan the barcode on your pick-up label, the status on your order in Shipmondo will automatically be set to Picked up. It doesn‘t get much easier than managing all of your orders at the same time, the same way and in the same system! Read much more about the options in Shipmondo Order Management on the button below.

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