Lives sales on Facebook and Instagram with Sprii and Shipmondo

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 22/11/2021

If you aren't acquainted with live shopping on Facebook or Instagram, you can find out about the phenomenon that can increase your sales and visibility.

Lives sales on Facebook and Instagram with Sprii and Shipmondo

You might easily associate this with the old TV shop, where you could buy items and products via information from the TV at home.

And it’s not without comparison, because live shopping is in many ways a revised TV shop - just online on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram.

Live shopping revolutionizes online shopping by being interactive and engaging with your customers while they are in a safe environment and often more willing to buy.

Live sales create presence, increased revenue, and greater visibility, and you may hit many potential new customers because you are where they are: online. In a country like China, live shopping has long been big, and today it accounts for more than 10 percent of the total e-commerce revenue in the country.

In Denmark, the potential is also clear.

Online shopping has generally been boosted with the corona pandemic, and consumers are now online much more than before.

Although Denmark has now reopened, customers have found comfort in “shopping from the couch”, and so online shopping, including live shopping, is still a big hit.

Several predictions say that it could become the future of e-commerce. But let’s start from scratch.

What is live shopping?

Live shopping is a sales channel, most often on social media, that gives your customers an interactive shopping experience that most of all can be reminiscent of the experience they get in your store.

The recipe is actually fairly simple: you go live via social media - Facebook is particularly well-suited for the purpose - where you show your products and provide inspiration and good advice, just as you would do if you were a salesperson in a physical store.

Your Facebook followers and others who see your posts can go into your live shop via their own Facebook account and buy the items you show through the comments field.

All it requires is simply that you have a Facebook business account, an inventory, and a smartphone for live streaming. Whether you are a physical store or a webshop is therefore not crucial.

Live shopping på Facebook og Instagram how to

Live shopping merges the online and the physical experience and gives you the best of both worlds. While webshops are text and images, in a live broadcast you can get advice and guidance from a professional with knowledge in the field.

The result is a more personal and present experience that combines online shopping with entertainment.

The cool thing about live shopping on Facebook is that you get free exposure and you reach a wide audience. For example, the comment field helps take your live sales even further and Facebook exposes the live video to those who do not necessarily follow your page.

It boosts your visibility significantly. When a live broadcast is over, it will be on your Facebook page as a video, so your customers can watch the live broadcast again and again.

Getting started with live shopping is easy and simple, especially if you use a system that manages the orders that come during your live broadcast, and which also handles your freight management in an automated process.

This solution could be the comment-responsive robot Sprii and Shipmondo, a solution used with great success by, among others, the physical clothing store, Degn Topshop.

Read more about how they use live sales on Facebook.

Who is Sprii?

Behind the robot is the company Sprii, which is owned by Christian Vester and the brothers Nikolai and Rasmus Aas Pedersen.

They have developed Sprii to help with everything from chat handling, orders, and payment in connection with a live sale.

This way, your live sales are automated, and the only thing you need to keep an eye on is your customers.

Sprii can be used both with and without a webshop and can be integrated with various payment systems - and now also Shipmondo.

You decide how Sprii should integrate and what the robot should integrate into, based on the options provided.

Today, several well-known companies use the robot for their live sales, including, among others, Power, bahne, Name It, and Kop & Kande.

Below you can see what live shopping can look like. The webshop, Fitfashion, has, with great success, broadcast live on Facebook using Sprii and Shipmondo:

Sprii and Shipmondo: Full automation

In Sprii, you can easily use Shipmondo as your freight management method and get full automation.

As soon as an order is completed through Sprii, delivery and customer information is transferred to Shipmondo, where you can start printing your shipping labels with a single click.

If you already use Shipmondo, you probably already know about the fast and efficient process that saves you a lot of time.

You can automate most functions and workflows to the extent that suits you and your company, and you can use the carriers that Shipmondo has agreements with, or you can set up your own freight agreements.

You choose how you want to manage your orders. It is possible to handle the orders both through Sprii and Shipmondo.

In Shipmondo you will be able to use our many functions, such as Order Management, personalized message, automatic printing, Delivery Checkout and digital pick paths to name just a few.

You can also choose Sprii to handle your orders, and Shipmondo as responsible for the freight management. It is entirely up to you.

Create an Shipmondo account free of charges and book freight right away.

If you have a webshop, you can also make use of Sprii and Shipmondo.

When your webshop is connected to Sprii, the customer’s ‘deal’ order(s) are gathered in one link, which leads to your webshop’s checkout. Here, the customer can complete the order and pay for the items, as they would normally do on your webshop.

The customer’s order is then automatically transferred to Shipmondo, in the same way as with your regular webshop orders, and you can then handle all the orders together with, for example, Shipmondo Order Management.

If you want to connect your webshop to Shipmondo, you can see here which integrations we support.

Sprii has since the beginning helped a large number of independent stores with their live sales, and Shipmondo has been involved as a shipping solution.

One store that has made a name for itself with their many inspiring live broadcasts is the clothing store Degn Topshop in Holstebro.

Get the recipe for their success with live sales on Facebook here.

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