Offi webshop: From 0 to 3,000 in 10 months

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 02/08/2021

Meet our customer Offi, who sell everything for you and your printer. The webshop was created in 2020 and, in record time, the sales increased rapidly.

Offi webshop: From 0 to 3,000 in 10 months

If you are looking for cheap ink cartridges, tape, paper or printer, the webshop Offi is a good choice. The webshop first saw the light of day in 2020 and, in record time, the sales increased – in fact so much so that in just 10 months, they have gone from 0 to 3,000 shipments a month. Read here and learn more about how Offi uses Shipmondo to create a faster workflow.

When experience becomes success

Anders Staunsager Larsen, Jesper Engelbrecht Pedersen and Kristian B. Krøger Olsen are the men behind Offi, which Anders and Jesper founded in the summer of 2020 – both with a good deal of experience of the industry under their belts. With the ambition of being able to do it even better than their competitors, they started the webshop with a clear division of work tasks: Anders is responsible for all logistics and customer service, Jesper for the technical, website and marketing, and Kristian, who joined Offi in the autumn of 2020 as an advisory partner, is responsible for executing the marketing strategy.

Like many other start-ups, Offi started with a small warehouse of 50 m2, a little office space and a packing table with space for seven orders at a time. From earlier in the industry, Anders and Jesper had experience with other freight management solutions, although these had never satisfied them. When Jesper one day discovered the option of building the webshop in WooCommerce, he also seized the chance to switch to a web-based system – namely Shipmondo.

Shipmondo is modern, innovative and, not least, very user-friendly. Very quickly, we were impressed by how easy, simple and transparent the system is. Shipmondo has helped us to create solid growth in a few months, because we have been able to put our efforts elsewhere than in manual processes – and because we only pay for the labels we use, says co-founder Anders.

Today, Offi has an average of between 2,000-3,000 shipments per month and has since the beginning had a turnover in the millions. Every day, they work to become European market leaders in printer cartridges and office supplies, and although all three of them have industry experience, not everyone is technically gifted.

I'm not the brightest of the bunch at computers, so I was pleasantly surprised when one day I found myself setting up a freight agreement on our account. An ordinary computer user can therefore easily navigate the system. It is really well made and testifies to how simple the Shipmondo system is to use, says Anders.

Quick and easy order management

At Offi, the packaging process takes place a little differently than you may have met before. They pick 15 orders at once and place them on a packing table.

Offi warehouse pick pack and ship

In practice, the process reads as follows: 

  1. The customer places an order, and information whizzes over to Shipmondo
  2. The printer automatically spits out order slips / pick slips
  3. Picking starts, 15 orders on a packing table
  4. Once the orders are picked, each pick list is scanned with a hand scanner, and the label printer prints shipping labels
  5. The goods are packed and ready for the carriers

You can read about more solutions for picking and packing in Shipmondo here.

A good delivery experience

Offi has made freight agreements with several carriers to ensure customers a good delivery experience.

We’ve made freight agreements with GLS, Bring, dao and recently PostNord, as we also ship to Sweden. Several carriers give the customer flexibility and give them a freedom of choice in choosing just the delivery method that suits them, says Anders.

Offi uses, among other things, personalized messages to make the delivery experience even better for the customer. In addition to the message being personally addressed to the recipient, it also contains information about the package number and tracking, so that it is possible for the customer to stay informed during the delivery process. That creates good value.

Furthermore, Offi has set up Shipmondo Delivery Checkout, which is a free plugin that, among other things, gives the opportunity to offer customers an optional delivery point and provides a list of the nearest delivery points based on the recipient’s address. It also helps to provide a good customer and delivery experience. At Offi, their Danish delivery checkout looks like this:

Offi delivery checkout

Anders further says that fast delivery is also of crucial importance to the overall delivery experience at Offi. This is also one of the reasons why they have allied themselves with several carriers, each of which can ensure different delivery times.

In our business, it is important that customers get their goods quickly. That is why we pack and send out packages the same day as they are ordered, and thanks to Shipmondo's fast order management, it is possible to process a lot of orders in one day.

The great abroad

There is no doubt that things have been humming over the past year at Offi, so they have also started to look other possibilities. The mission to become a European market leader in printer cartridges and office supplies continues, and their expansion into Sweden has been a good start. But what’s the next step?

Our next destination is Germany, and, of course, it is fairly wide. It may be that we start with a region just to see how it goes, but otherwise we strongly want to get our products on the German market, says Anders happily.

Shipmondo is fortunate to join the continuing journey at Offi, where, among other things, they are considering making use of the opportunity to choose from Shipmondo’s freight agreements with carriers that can handle foreign shipments.

Are you also looking for freight options across borders? Then check your options here.

From one entrepreneur to another

As a start-up business, it can be difficult to know where to start and this can be an unmanageable process. But nonetheless, according to Anders, it is a really exciting and educational process.

Do it, throw yourself into it, hang in there and keep going! Take the defeats and challenges as a learning opportunity and use it to move forward. It's hard work, but it should probably work out. One must dare to jump into it, and then it must burst or bear. We are still here, and we will continue – every single day, Anders concludes.

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