New Carrier: Dachser

Malin Conradsen
by Malin Conradsen 28/06/2020

Do you have your own agreement with DACHSER? Then we’ve got some good news! We are expanding our range of carriers with yet another partner.

New Carrier: Dachser

If you have your own shipping agreement with DACHSER, we are glad to inform you that you can use your agreement with your Shipmondo account due to our new collaboration with DACHSER.


DACHSER uses the term targo for normal goods which involves the products targospeed with delivery the following working day (though within a limited number of km). targospeed 12 where delivery takes place the following working day but before 12 noon.

Do you need delivery on a specific date? Then targofix is ​​the solution for you. targofix 12 also allows you to select delivery on a specific date but before noon. Do you need a standard delivery with no requirements to date or time? Then targoflex is the solution for you. Here the delivery will typically take place within two working days.

Vengo: Food transportation

vengo is the term that DACHSER uses for their three different delivery options when transporting food. The transit times of the vengospeed are based on the distance in kilometers. When transporting food, it is usually very important that delivery takes place on a specific day and in this case you can use vengofix and choose which day you wish for delivery to take place. Finally, vengoflex, like targoflex, offers standard delivery, typically within two working days.

At the moment, we are offering the targo and vengo services for domestic transportation in Denmark. Are you also interested in sending outside of Denmark? Please send a mail to, and let’s find a solution that suits your needs.

Use your own agreement

If you wish to use your own DACHSER agreement with your Shipmondo account, simply send an email to and we will help setting it up. If you don’t have a Shipmondo account yet, you can create a free account here.

If you would like to enter a shipping agreement with DACHSER, you can contact them here and hear more about your options.

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