New carrier: Send with Interfjord

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 09/03/2021

Here’s another one: If you have your own shipping agreement with Interfjord, you can now benefit from it through Shipmondo.

New carrier: Send with Interfjord

With our latest carrier, you can start sending shipments nationally or globally, by land, sea or by air, whether they be packages, pallets, or goods. We have entered into a partnership with Interfjord! You need to have your own shipping agreement with the carrier, which we can set up for you on your Shipmondo account.

Read here and find out more about what Interfjord can offer you through Shipmondo.

About Interfjord

Interfjord is a Danish transportation company that started as a small family-owned business back in 1990. They are headquartered in Glyngøre but, today, they also have offices elsewhere in Denmark, as well as abroad. They can be found in Frederikshavn, Randers, Copenhagen, Norway, Poland and Germany.

Interfjord specializes in much more than traditional road transport. They can deliver your packages by land, sea and air, and they offer a wide range of freight products. Interfjord is a member of Danske Speditører, and they adopt a responsible attitude to, among other things, sustainable behaviour.

Interfjord’s freight products

Interfjord offers a wide selection of freight products, and you can therefore definitely find something that suits your particular shipment. They offer both express and standard delivery, and they have the ability to transport everything from packages to goods. In addition, you will find freight products such as Domestic Road and Domestic Parcel, where you can get packages and pallets with daily delivery in Denmark; Road, which involves road transport both locally to Scandinavia and to Europe; and Economy, which is well suited for shipments where time is not paramount. Here, the delivery time will typically be 2-5 days.

Furthermore, they offer Express delivery, which covers the whole world with a 1-3 day delivery time. This will often be for smaller shipments where delivery time is pivotal. You can also use services such as Sea and Rail, where Interfjord can deliver full load and general cargo shipments. With their sea freight, they also offer handling of, among other things, customs clearance all the way to the recipient.

Here, you can see all products.

Own agreement with Interfjord

When using Interfjord through Shipmondo, you need to have your own shipping agreement with the carrier. As Interfjord has several different departments, you must be affiliated with one of them in order for us to create the agreement for you. You must either be affiliated with the Glyngøre, Randers or Frederikshavn department.

As soon as you have an agreement with one of these departments, and you also have a customer number, you can start sending packages with Interfjord through Shipmondo. In this way, you can use both your own shipping agreement and, at the same time, our platform and all our other services.

If you have another shipping agreement with another carrier, we can also easily set it up on your account. You can always see here which carriers we support. In addition, you can always request the setting up of a shipping agreement with a new carrier directly from your Shipmondo account.

Get started: Send with Interfjord

Get started sending packages with Interfjord. All you have to do is create a free Shipmondo account, if you do not already have one, and then contact us regarding setting up the Interfjord shipping agreement through your account. It’s easy and fast.

In addition to using your own shipping agreement on your Shipmondo account, you can also take advantage of our attractive shipping agreements with carriers such as PostNord, GLS, and Bring. You can also use our platform to automate your work tasks and integrate your webshop, so you have access to easy order management. You can also integrate your accounting system with Shipmondo, so that everything is gathered in one place. Smart, right?

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