New feature: Pick paths

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Camilla Jacobsen
by Camilla Jacobsen 05/11/2020

We’ve developed a new, groundbreaking pick path feature that makes your freight management faster and smarter. Read more here.

New feature: Pick paths

Now it’s even easier for you to handle all your orders in Shipmondo. With our latest feature, pick paths now become a part of your work life. In a nutshell, it means you can manage several orders at the same time and with fewer steps. With pick paths, you optimise your workflow.

Here’s an introduction:

Speed up your packing

If you have many orders, you know that it can be a time-consuming and slow process to pick all the corresponding products - and that time could definitely be spent on other tasks. That’s why we’ve created a new pick path feature that allows you to manage multiple orders at the same time. That way, you don’t have to wander back and forth to the same shelves if several different orders contain the same products.

Plukruter i Shipmondo

The great thing about our pick path feature is that you get one pick path containing a comprehensive, sorted list of all the products that you need to pick. If you have added location codes to your products in Shipmondo, the picking list will be sorted based on these locations. If not, the picking list is sorted by SKU.

How to create a pick path.

Update multiple products at once

If you’re eager to get started creating pick paths, then read on – and creating pick paths will be a piece of cake!

In order to work faster and more efficiently, you can enhance your products with location codes in Shipmondo. If you have a lot of different products, you’ve probably already broken out in a sweat at the thought of having to update your product information. Fear not! You can use our product export/import feature. Export your product data to an Excel or CSV file and update multiple orders at once.

Read our guide on how to update product data.

Once you’ve updated the product data, you can import the file to your Shipmondo account. Now you’re ready to create pick paths with no problems.

Everybody can save time

Whether you are a small company or a large one, you’ll be able to benefit from pick paths. The more orders or products per order you have, the greater the efficiency of your work process.

You can manage three or 20 orders at a time with our new pick paths, so that with this solution, you are ready to scale up and take your order management to new heights.

Pick paths in action

The Danish company Det Glade Køkken was one of our first customers to use the pick path feature. Det Glade Køkken sells baking equipment and cake ingredients on their webshop, so an order typically contains a lot of different products.

With their picking trolley, they can now pick three orders at a time, which is a huge win for the webshop owner, Nicoline, who previously had to run through the entire storeroom for every single order.

With a complete picking list, and a delivery note in each box, the process of picking and packing orders has been greatly accelerated. There’s no limit to the number of boxes and delivery notes per route that can be used, so Nicoline can easily scale up to 10 or 20 orders at a time.

See how the company founder Nicoline explains it in the video:

Digital pick paths with product picture and order check

You can also use the digital version; digital pick paths.

The digital pick path contains picking instructions and can be displayed on your device; computer, phone or tablet. You can also use order checks and scan your items to minimize picking and packing errors.

When you start your pick path route under Orders in your Shipmondo account, an overview of your items that need to be picked appears on your device.

This overview is your pick path; the items are sorted by location in your warehouse.

Once you have made a pick, you confirm that the pick has been done; and when you have gone through the entire pick path (one or more orders), then the picking process has finished. Several events can happen next; for example printing shipping labels, completion of orders, payment withdrawal.

Read much more about the digital picking routes.

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