Ready, set, filter!

Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 23/04/2020

We are now able to present another tool - filtering! It gives you the opportunity to filter your orders and shipments and save lists.

Ready, set, filter!

brand new tool is ready for you at your Shipmondo account. A tool that helps you to work even more efficiently and give you an overview of the information you need!

Create an overview with filtering

With filtering, you can design and create your unique overview of shipment and order by filtering and saving lists as tabs, so that you can quickly get an overview.

In the video below, we show you how, for example, you can filter all your GLS shipments and save your lists as tabs.

Allow us to explain with some examples. You can create lists with:

  • A specific carrier, for example, GLS.
  • Shipments for a specific receiver country, for example, Norway.
  • Shipments with a special status, for example, shipments with problems.
  • Shipments of a special type, for example, return shipments.
  • Orders with a specific payment method, for example, via MobilePay.
  • Orders with a certain payment status, for example, unpaid.
  • Orders with a certain item, for example, hand sanitizer.

If you save a list with the receiver country Norway, for instance, then all new shipments to Norway will be added to the list and you have at all times a complete list of all your shipments to Norway.

Endless combinations

Okay, maybe not endless - but a lot! You can combine the filters so that, for example, you can see all PostNord shipments in Norway or all orders sent with GLS.

You can explore all of the new combination options in your Shipmondo account and find all the solutions which make most sense for you and your setup. Actually, we’ve already posted some standard filters on your Shipmondo account.

Read more about your filtering options and find the guide here.

Adjust your list views

At the same time, you now also have the opportunity to adjust your list view in Shipmondo, according to your needs. You can add extra columns, so that, for instance, you can see the notes on your order in the overview. You can also add more rows, allowing you to see more orders or shipments per side in your Shipmondo account.

Read more about extra columns and about extra rows per side.

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