Paperless shipping: Less paper, faster freight

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 14/05/2020

Send electronic pro forma invoices automatically through Shipmondo and get your parcels through the customs faster.

Paperless shipping: Less paper, faster freight

There’s a number of advantages of using paperless shipping. One of them is your invoices and product information being electronically sent to the right customs department. This happens automatically upon booking of shipments, so the customs clearance of your shipments can start right away. This means shorter delivery time, a much more efficient workflow and is furthermore good for both the environment and your wallet.

UPS has now joined the list of carriers that support invoices being generated and transferred electronically and automatically as a part of the freight booking process through Shipmondo.

Send paperless with UPS

UPS is now offering that you can send your pro forma invoices to the customs electronically if your sign up for UPS Paperless Invoice.

This electronic transfer of products information will ensure a more smooth and effective customs clearance of your shipment, which means that the parcel itself will be delivered faster.

Furthermore, you’ll be free for doing the manual work of printing and attaching the pro forma invoices physically along with that shipment. That’ll also help minimize your offices supplies costs for ink and paper. This is at the same time an environmentally friendly solution so you can check sustainable freight handling off of your goodwill list.

How to get started

Start by signing up for UPS Paperless Invoice, which is free for all UPS customer. Your UPS contact person can help you sign up for this service.

After you’ve signed up for UPS Paperless Invoice, send us an email at, and we’ll make sure to activate it on your UPS agreement.

At Shipmondo you can fill out product information during the freight booking process and it’ll automatically be integrated into your shipment electronically, and this means that the customs clearance of your parcel can start right away.

You can see the guide here.

Paperless shipments with other carriers

Paperless shipments are supported by other carriers as well, so you can achieve same advantages. Electronic invoices can be sent through FedEx, DHL Express and GEODIS through your Shipmondo account.

If you’re using Deutsche Post and ship outside of the EU, the CN22 customs declaration is an integrated part of the label, which is being booked through Shipmondo. The same applies if you’re sending Tracked or Untracked with PostNord.

If you have any questions for paperless and electronic customs documents, you’re more than welcome to contact us at

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