Pick and pack with digital pick paths

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 20/08/2021

Increase your warehouse productivity when you pick and pack orders using our digital pick path solution with product images and order checks.

Pick and pack with digital pick paths

We can present a new, groundbreaking feature for those of you who want to optimize your warehouse routine and create an efficient order management system for your warehouse employees. It’s an enterprise solution that ensures that your business is scalable, that your order management and pick-and-pack processes do not become a bottleneck, and that your inventory optimization works.

We call it the pick-and-pack process of the future – pick paths with digital picking instructions and product images. You can even implement order checks that minimize picking and packing errors.

Like all other features in Shipmondo, the digital pick path is free of charge for all Shipmondo customers.

Efficient picking and packing is essential for your warehouse optimization

An inefficient order management and pick-and-pack process can quickly put a stop to your growth if you can’t keep up with demand. So, make sure to create good routines in your warehouse, so that you can grow your business.

The workflow and your pick-and-pack process can be measured in terms of both time and number of steps. Both parameters are something that you should minimize per order.

How have you designed your pick-and-pack process? We have made a pick-speed-test to get a better idea of how much time you potentially can save, if you have not implemented pick path lists or digital pick paths.

Warehouse optimization: Pick and pack with digital pick paths

You can optimize your workflow with pick paths, allowing you to pick items for several orders at once. Moreover, the pick path is optimized based on the location of the items, so you only have to go through the warehouse once per pick.

If you want to take your warehouse workflow to new heights, then the digital pick path is the way forward.

5 major benefits of the digital pick path

  • Pick with your computer, tablet, mobile or handheld terminal
  • Route optimization - save countless steps!
  • Display of product images in the pick path
  • Order check: minimize picking and packing errors with scanner
  • Save paper and the environment with a complete digital solution

How does the digital pick path work?

Pick paths optimize your workflow, save you a whole lot of walking and increase your warehouse efficiency.

When you create your pick path under Orders in your Shipmondo account, your digital pick path is created and appears on your device as shown here:

Warehouse pickpaths - optimizing routines

You can use a tablet, computer, phone or handheld terminal.

This overview is your pick path; the items are sorted by location in your warehouse. If you have added location codes to your items, the pick list will be sorted based on these locations. If not, the pick list is sorted by SKU.

You can pick one order at a time or use a picking trolley with one box per order and pick for multiple orders at once.

In the picture below you can see a setup in a warehouse with a picking trolley. The picking trolley has room for 16 boxes, which means that you can pick up to 16 orders at a time.

Pluk & pak på lager - plukvogn

Once you have made a pick, you confirm that the pick has been done; and when you have gone through the entire pick path (one or more orders), then the picking process has finished. Several events can happen next; for example printing shipping labels, completion of orders, payment withdrawal. Look under your pick settings.

You can easily get started with the digital pick path; read the guide in our help center.

Here you will find information on the setup.

You can also see how Sebastian uses our digital pick paths. He picks with a scanner and a tablet.

Minimize picking and packing errors with order checks

As an added bonus, you can also use digital pick paths to minimize picking and packing errors when using our order check function. You can confirm your pick by scanning the barcode on the item you are picking. If the item is not part of the order, you will receive an error message.

See in the video below how the order check works in the case of two orders with a total of three items on the pick path.

You can connect a scanner to your phone, tablet or computer. Alternatively, you can scan with your phone’s camera or a handheld terminal. Order check is an extra offer and a good investment if you want to minimize your picking and packing errors. It is not a requirement in order to use digital pick paths.

When you use the digital pick path, you can easily set up order checks when you scan your items when picking. See our setup guide here:

Here you will find all the necessary information on scanning items, so you can minimize your packing errors.

Several solutions for pick and pack

There are also alternatives to the digital pick path if you prefer to have a physical piece of paper in your hand.

You can pick with our pick path lists, where the workflow and the route in the warehouse are optimized, and you can pick several orders at a time. We call it Pick with pick path lists.

If you do not need picking route optimization, but just want to have a picking note printed, take a closer look at our Pick with pick lists solution.

Here, you can read even more about the differences between our picking solutions and find the solution that suits your needs.

If you have questions about the solutions, you are always welcome to write to us at support@shipmondo.com.

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