New return portal: Manage your return easily and efficiently

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 08/08/2022

We can finally unveil our new return portal. It is now even easier to handle returns and refunds through Shipmondo.

New return portal: Manage your return easily and efficiently

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Our developers have heard your prayers and have worked hard to implement all of your wishes – and they’ve succeeded!

We can proudly introduce Shipmondo Return Portal, which can be designed and tailored exactly to your needs.

You decide the return shipping price on your Return Portal, regardless of which shipping agreement you use.

Set up return reasons, return methods, and much more. Create a user-friendly and modern return experience for your customers and make return management and refunding easy and smooth for you and your employees.

Increase your revenue with efficient return

An efficient return procedure is very important for a purchase in your shop.

Easy return creates loyal customers who want to shop with you again, but it also creates security for new customers who like to check the return procedure before buying.

With Shipmondo Return Portal, you can make returns easy and simple for both your customers and yourself.

With Return Management, you can combine both your order and return management into a single solution, so you save time on return orders.

For example, you can give your customers freedom of choice in choosing the carrier that suits them best by setting up several different delivery methods on your return portal.

You can also gain insight into your customers’ reasons for returning, and reduce your refunds by giving your customers the opportunity to exchange their items or receive a gift card. You decide how the return portal should be set up and how it should look.

Make return easy for your employees

Streamline and save time with a return portal that can make it easy for you and your employees to manage returned items.

If you have several webshops, or simply want to manage return orders from your system integration, you can link your return portal to your order integration, so that you can easily find the orders.

When you receive a return order, you just scan the included return slip and go directly to the order in Shipmondo, where you can start the refund with one click.

Return label online

When you are at the return order, you can specify whether the freight should be refunded and whether any discount should be deducted.

It’s also possible to enter an internal comment on the order that the customer cannot see.

If you don’t have a scanner, or you want to find the order later, you can always search for the order in the order summary on your account.

Read much more about managing return orders.

Customize your return portal with your own identity

How your Return Portal should look and how much the return shipping should cost is entirely up to you.

For example, you can choose to set a fixed price for each return method, or you can automate the return shipping and let the price depend on the return order, and possibly the weight of the packaging.

You can also offer free return shipping – it’s up to you.

Add your own logo to the Return Portal and style it with CSS styling.

You decide the text on the portal and the text on the return slip.

Personlize return portal with logo

You choose whether you want to use Shipmondos or your own shipping agreements when you set up the options for return freight.

You determine the price, regardless of whether you use our or your own shipping agreements.

Add as many carriers as you like/have agreements with, or let your customers hand over return packages directly to you, so that shipping costs are saved.

Delivery and shipping return portal

You have full control over the setup of your return portal and how you want to offer return shipping to your customers.

Read more about your options, prices and payouts.

Keep your customers informed in the return process

Clear and relevant information during the return process creates a good experience for your customers and provides safety.

So keep your customers informed during the return with, for example, emails that are automatically sent based on a certain order status.

For example, you can set up a message that is automatically sent when a return shipment has been created on the return portal, containing the return label and return slip.

You can notify your customer when you have received the return package:

Message return order received

If you want to notify your customers when you have approved the return order, you can also set up a message that is automatically sent when you have processed the return order.

The possibilities are many, and you decide what should be in your messages. We have created some standard messages that you are also welcome to use.

See more about how to set up the Return Portal and automatic messages in our article here.

Ship without a label: Labelless return

Some carriers can handle packages without the need for a shipping label, but instead a code consisting of numbers that is written on the package.

This applies, for example, to the Danish carriers dao or Bring.

A carrier like Budbee can also make returns paperless for your customers, as the carrier will print the shipping label when they collect the return package in a Budbee Box.

You can set up daa, Bring or Budbee on your Return Portal so that your customers can send their returned items back to you, without having to use a printer.

Today, consumers do not necessarily own a printer and get a poor customer experience if restricted to traditional return methods, which require a printer.

Expand your return offering and immediately improve the customer experience, by adding labelless return, to avoid customers leaving before completing their purchase.

With Shipmondo, you can quickly get started and begin to offer labelless return.

Read about the benefits and how you set it up right here.

Expand your business to new countries

If you also have business abroad, returns are no problem either.

You can set up a return portal for each country with your preferred carriers, and you decide the language, prices, and currency yourself.

As standard, we currently offer a Return Portal in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, English, and German, with the currencies DKK, NOK, SEK, GBP, and EUR.

Expand your business to new countries with Shipmondo without having your return management being a stumbling block.

It’s just as easy as described.

Need a separate solution? Use the Basic Return Portal

If you just need a simple return page, or if you don’t use Shipmondo Order Management, you can set up the Basic Return Portal.

Like return management, it is completely free, and it also gives your customers the opportunity to return their items in an easy and transparent way.

Your customers simply need to fill in the sender information, choose the return method, order return shipping, and download and print the shipping label.

With this solution, you manage the return separately, so when you receive the return shipment, you can manage it in your own system.

Simple Return Portal

Give the return portal identity with your logo, own text, and an optional return slip. If you want to set up your own return page, you can follow our setup guide.

Are you in doubt about which return portal solution is the best fit? You can learn more about the two solutions in our guide below.

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