Have you received a phishing message?

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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 02/06/2020

Here’s a number of guidelines regarding our messages and their content that you can use when in doubt whether a message is scam or phising.

Have you received a phishing message?

Lately we’ve been made aware that there’s been a number of people who received phishing messages from scammers assuming Shipmondo’s identity. We’re therefore sharing some examples of some scam phishing messages as well as some guidelines regarding the content of our messages, so you always can recognize them and differentiate from the fake ones.

Following guidelines will help you spot fake emails / texts:

  • A payment to Shipmondo will always happen through your Shipmondo account, which requires login. Don’t click on any links unless they’re starting with https://app.shipmondo.com/.

  • If a message contains a tracking number, you can try looking it up on our tracking page or through your Shipmondo account, under Booked shipments. We can also help with looking it up for you. If your tracking number doesn’t exist in any of these searches, then the parcel wasn’t sent through Shipmondo and the message might be fake/phishing.

Phishing message examples

Here are the latest examples of phishing messages. Beware that some of those messages are describing how you can win or saying that you’ve already won a phone. We’ve also experienced that some of the phishing messages were sent in different languages. See some examples below.

Example 1:

Fake message 1

Example 2:

Fake message 2

If you have any suspicion about receiving a message which is not from us, you are more than welcome to contact us so we can clarify your doubts. Write to us at support@shipmondo.com.

If you’re aware that a message you received was phishing, we will advise you to delete it and not click on any links or embedded buttons.

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