Second Quarter News 2021

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 01/07/2021

Once again we’re ready to give you some of the new features and carrieres, as well as the company news that has been released since the last quarter.

New features

So many new features have been introduced, all with the same purpose: to make it easier for you to manage your orders and your everyday workflow. Let’s start with your workflow.

We’ve made a digital solution for your pick-and-pack process. Use digital pick paths to get product images and order checks and optimize your route in the warehouse. This is because you can pick items for several orders at the same time, so you only have to go through the warehouse once per pick.

Using our digital pick path solution, you can take advantage of our order check, thus minimizing picking and packing errors. You can confirm your pick by scanning the barcode on the picked item. If the item is not part of the order, you will receive an error message. Very helpful, right? This way, you ensure that the right items are picked, packed, and sent.

Another feature for your workflow while managing orders, is the ability to create your packaging in Shipmondo. You can now attach your packaging to your shipments, ensuring that your booked shipments have the correct weight. Also, you can associate the packaging with one or more delivery methods, which enables you to perform bulk actions and thus automate your work process. If you use the above-mentioned digital pick paths, you can choose which packaging to use for the item when you have finished picking all your items. In this way, you can decide for yourself which packaging is best. Read more about creating packaging here.

We heard your prayers! Several of you have requested a solution for automatic bookkeeping for API sales orders, and now it’s here. You can use our bookkeeping integrations for Dinero, E-conomic, and Billy and automatic create invoices. Once you’ve managed your orders, you can automate the bookkeeping of your sales and avoid typing errors. It’s both time- and moneysaving.

Another feature we’ve worked on in the last quarter is production lists. If you need your products to be produced before they can be packed, this one’s for you. If you sell, for example, coffee beans or meat, where your products must first be weighed, cut or manufactured before the orders can be packed, such a list can give you the overview you need.

Finally, a new integration has been created. It is now possible for you to integrate your Big Cartel shop with Shipmondo, which allows you to easily and quickly manage orders, capture payments, and print shipping labels. Read how to set up the integration right here.

New carriers

“Easy” also refers to flexibility. We know the value of having several options, which is why we’re always looking for new cooperations with carriers. In this quarter we’ve added two new carriers to our platform. Read more about them right here.

We’ve been delighted to welcome the experienced carrier FREJA Transport & Logistics. If you have your own shipping agreement with this carrier, you can now set it up on your Shipmondo account and benefit from daily delivery of packages and pallets in Denmark. Also, you can get your goods transported by land, sea or air. Read more about FREJA here.

The second carrier is Blue Water Shipping! This carrier is for those of you who want to ship to the world while still having a great range of opportunities. If you have your own shipping agreement with Blue Water Shipping, you can now have it activated on your Shipmondo account. Remember you can memorize an often-used customer or supplier in your address book and create fast deliveries. You can also import Excel and CSV-files to your Shipmondo account and create one or more orders at the same time! Read more about our collaboration with Blue Water Shipping here.

Shipmondo company news

In May, we participated in Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel’s e-commerce award show. For the first time in eight months, the whole Shipmondo team was gathered, celebrating our nomination in the category Best E-commerce Tool. The field was sharp but, in the end, we nailed it - we won the award! We’re really proud and very thankful and we couldn’t have done it without both our customers and partners. We’re all working hard to make Shipmondo as good as possible, so it’s a huge pat on the back to get this award. Thank you so much! Read more about the amazing evening here.

And last, but not least, we’re very much looking forward to the fall! If you didn’t know, we are moving our office to new, modern premises. We will still be located in Odense, but our future address will be on Hvilehøjvej. Since the first sod was cut on our new plot on 28th December 2020, the construction of the Shipmondo premises has been proceeding rapidly. Watch the video below and see it yourself. We can’t wait!

Read more about our plans for the building here.

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