Second Quarter News 2022

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 03/07/2022

It’s summertime and it’s time to look at Q2. We’ve been busy, so here we summarize the greatest news of the last three months.

Three months have passed since our last news update here on our blog. We have launched a whole lot of news, among other things, new features, a handful of new carriers, and some new integrations. There has also been time for fun and excitement in the last quarter, where we have some exciting company news to tell.

At the beginning of this quarter, we dived into Danish e-commerce 2021 and made an analysis of the Danes’ shopping patterns and their preferred delivery and payment options. If you sell in or to Denmark, this could give you valuable insights into Danish consumers. Read more about it all in our Danish blog here.

New features

In the last three months, we have also looked at new features to help you in your daily work. We have, among other things, launched a new return solution for those of you who use Order Management to make it even easier to manage return orders and refunds.

New Return Portal: Efficient return management

We have worked hard on a new Return Portal – and now it is here! The Return Portal can now be integrated into Order Management, so you get a smooth and efficient return flow, allowing you to easily handle return orders and refunds. In addition, you have an overview of all your outgoing and incoming orders in one place.

You can set up multiple return methods and resolutions and, for example, let your customers choose how they want their return to be handled (refund, gift card, etc.). You also have the ability to add several carriers to the same Return Portal and use both our shipping agreements and your own. Create codes for return reasons to get an insight into your returns, and personalize the Return Portal with your own logo, text, and CSS styling. If you want to handle your returns more manually, you can use our Basic version.

In both versions, you can determine the price and choose whether or not you want to charge for the return shipping. For example, you have the option of letting the price depend on the weight of the items including the packaging, and you can set different prices depending on the return method. The system allows you to choose your desired currency (DKK, SEK, NOK, GBP, EUR), too. Read much more about the Return Portal and all the possibilities with Return Management here.

Save time with digital pick paths

Do you know about or digital pick paths feature? If not, we recommend you to watch the video below. Digital pick paths allow you to pick for multiple orders at once with a device, for example a phone, tablet, hand terminal or computer. You only have to go through the warehouse once, because the route is sorted by product locations, and you can minimize picking and packing errors with order checks. See here how Sebastian picks for five orders at once:

Personalized messages in new languages

We have also made it easier for you to communicate with more of your customers in their own language. We have updated our standard personalized messages to include Swedish, Norwegian, and German, in addition to Danish and English. All you have to do is to enter the recipient country when setting up your messages, and then you are ready to send personal emails and text messages to your customers! You can also translate your personal messages into other languages and associate them with the specific country you are sending to.

New carriers

In Shipmondo, we want to give you the best opportunities to manage orders and book freight just the way you want, and to make it possible for you to ship right to where you want. So we have worked hard to find and make new collaborations with several carriers that can handle your shipments.

Ship with PostNord Finland

We have welcomed PostNord Finland onboard, so you can book freight and ship your orders both in and from Finland! You just need to have a shipping agreement with PostNord for shipping in Finland, and then you can have your agreement set up on your Shipmondo account and start booking freight. Read more here.

Ship with PostNL in the Netherlands and Belgium

If you ship in the Netherlands and Belgium, there is good news! We have introduced a new collaboration with one of the Netherlands’ premier postal services, PostNL. You can use your own shipping agreement with PostNL through Shipmondo and send packages in the Netherlands and Belgium and from the Netherlands to Belgium and to the rest of the world. They offer various delivery options. Read more about them in our blog post here.

You can also ship domestically in Belgium with bpost through Shipmondo on our agreement. Ship with bpost to home addresses, pick-up points and parcel boxes. Read more about that right here.

Ship in Copenhagen with eco-friendly Endepunkt

Do you ship in Copenhagen, Denmark? We have entered a collaboration with the eco-friendly bicycling carrier Endepunkt, which challenges conventional logistics companies by offering same-day deliveries with free pick-ups and zero emissions. Read more about the Danish carrier here.

New integrations

We have also created new integration options. For example, you can now connect your Fortnox system or your shop to Shipmondo and make it easy and simple to book freight and send packages. We have also teamed up with Zapier, so if you cannot find your system in Shipmondo, you can connect any system on Zapier and get an automated workflow.

Connect Fortnox to Shipmondo

Connect the Swedish accounting software Fortnox to Shipmondo and have your order information automatically transferred to your Shipmondo account. They will be ready as prefilled shipping labels, so you can prepare your shipments and print shipping labels quickly. Read more about Fortnox.

Connect your shop

The popular webshop system has created an integration with Shipmondo. If you do business in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or Belgium, you can connect your shop to Shipmondo and import your shipping information, book freight, track your shipments, send personalized messages to your customers, and much more. Read more about here.

Can’t find your system? Use Zapier

If you are struggling to find a plug’n’play integration to your webshop, or any other system, in Shipmondo, you can use Zapier and connect to more than 5,000 systems. Import your orders from your system to Shipmondo and let us help you automate your order and freight management. Find Shipmondo in Zapier here or go to the Zapier integration setup guide here.

Shipmondo company news

In May, we came in the top three in two prize categories awarded by Dansk Erhverv Digital Handel, a recognized industry organization in Danish e-commerce. We went to a big awards show in Copenhagen with all the other cool nominated e-commerce companies. It was a very good evening and we are proud to have been in the top three in both ‘Best B2B company with online revenue under DKK 200 million’ and ‘Best e-commerce tool’. We will continue the work of making order and freight management as easy as possible for companies and e-commerce businesses worldwide.

And because Shipmondo is growing rapidly, we have also welcomed two new colleagues to our team during the last three months: Sebastian and Ella. They work in the marketing team, where they will manage a range of tasks within content and social media, giving our existing and potential customers even more valuable guides, useful cases, and inspiring content. Stay tuned!

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