Upgraded Order Management and extended partnership with UPS and DSV

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 03/06/2023

As we step into the second quarter of 2023, we bring you the latest updates and news from our team.

We’ve reached the halfway mark of the year, and let me tell you, it has been an eventful time!

At Shipmondo, we have extended our partnerships, welcomed new carriers, and updated our Order Management.

And that’s not all! We’ve rolled up our sleeves to bring you some useful guides that’ll make your workflow even more convenient.

👉 Keep reading to discover the exciting new updates and collaborations that the second quarter of 2023 has brought us.

New carriers and extended partnerships

Shipmondo new carriers june 2023

We have expanded our collaboration with UPS!

You can ship parcels worldwide with UPS through Shipmondo, and benefit from attractive shipping rates, through our shipping agreement.

When shipping internationally with UPS through Shipmondo, enjoy competitive rates such as EUR 8.60 for a 1 kg package from Denmark to Sweden, EUR 12.90 from Denmark to Norway, and EUR 15.80 from Sweden to the United Kingdom.

Additionally, there are no customs clearance fees for shipments outside the EU, and free pick-up services are available for international shipments.

We have expanded our collaboration with DSV XPress!

DSV XPress is a leading expert in handling express shipments, shipping to both domestic and international destinations. Whether you are working with tight timelines or in need of swift delivery, considering DSV XPress is a logical choice.

If you want to book freight with DSV XPress through Shipmondo, you need to have your own shipping agreement activated on your Shipmondo account.

LEMAN has also joined the team!

Regardless of the scale of your task, LEMAN ensures the optimal logistical resolution, tailored to meet your specific requirements.

LEMAN provides a variety of shipping products and additional services that you can choose from when creating a shipment through your Shipmondo account.

To book freight with LEMAN via Shipmondo, you are required to have your own shipping agreement. If you already have a shipping agreement, you can have it set up on your Shipmondo account.

New features: Gain efficient workflow and insure your shipments

Shipmondo filters and orderline

We have upgraded two important features in our Order Management!

Filtering on views has been upgraded, giving you a better overview and allowing customization of your Shipmondo Order Management to match your workflow.

Now, you can edit existing views, create copies with customized filters, undo changes, and rearrange the order of views.

The filtering function is now easily visible as a clear button, and you can combine multiple filters as needed, saving them as views for convenient access.

In addition, we have enhanced our order timeline for improved functionality!

The order timeline provides a clear overview of all events associated with an order, grouping them by date and indicating when they occurred. It also allows for easy differentiation between actions performed by individuals, the system, or third parties, ensuring complete control and insight into all changes and actions.

Changes in orders are organized under categories such as “added,” “removed,” or “edited,” and it is now possible to include direct links to relevant resources for each event.

Reminder for uncollected package

Shipmondo Personalized Message Reminder

Don’t let your customers miss out on their deliveries!

In Shipmondo, you can easily set up personalized messages that remind customers to pick up their packages from the parcel shop before it is returned.

And the best part is this process can be automated, just like your other personalized messages!

Extended package insurance

Extened package insurance

Shipmondo now offers the opportunity to purchase additional insurance when shipping packages from Scandinavia, allowing you to increase the coverage for your parcels.

With Shipmondo’s extended package insurance option, you can purchase coverage of up to 2,700 EUR for your shipments.

This is especially recommended if you’re shipping high-value packages that exceed the insurance limit provided by the carrier.

By booking freight through Shipmondo, you can insure your packages and extend the coverage beyond what the carrier provides.

Choose between different coverage amounts depending on the value of your shipments.

New insights from Shipmondo

Shipmondo FAQ

We’ve made a FAQ on how to get started sending packages!

When starting a new webshop, it can be overwhelming to navigate the process of booking freight and understanding the essential steps for sending packages.

There are many ways to send a package, and there are also many ways not to send a package.

But don’t worry, we are here to address your concerns and simplify the entire process for you!

Just follow our guide, and you will be well on your way to successful shipments!

Have you noticed the new additions to Shipmondo Return Portal?

Mobile pay

Shipmondo Return Portal has been upgraded with new features!

We understand that an effective return process plays a crucial role in enhancing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits to your online store. With this in mind, we are excited to introduce the latest additions to our Return Portal.

These additions have been thoughtfully crafted to maximize the potential of your return portal, providing significant benefits for your business.

Here are some of the most recent additions:

  • Option to pay with MobilePay
  • Option to return with QR codes
  • Option to return with numeric codes

We have compiled the latest additions to the Return Portal so that you can quickly get an overview and take advantage of all the benefits our Return Portal has to offer, and ensure a great experience for your customers when they return items.

E-commerce analysis 2022 reports

Shipmondo e-handels analysis

Every year, we thoroughly examine the E-commerce Analysis reports for the Scandinavian countries. This year is no exception!

In the past year, the e-commerce industry has faced various challenges, such as high inflation, increased prices, and an energy crisis caused by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

But how has it affected the e-commerce market in the Nordic countries?

We have delved into the Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian e-commerce markets to gain a deeper understanding of how the market has developed in the past year.

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