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Tea Krestine Johansen
by Tea Krestine Johansen 09/06/2020

Are you selling food, dietary supplements or a variety of beverages (e.g. wine, beer or soda)? Then read on to find more info about your freight options.

Send food with Shipmondo

Food is a large category but no matter what you’re sending, we at Shipmondo have a solution for you.

What constitutes as food (food items)? Food is defined as everything humans eat and drink. This means that chewing gum, dietary supplements and beverages also are categorized as food by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Send food with daoFOOD or Xpressen

It is far from all carriers that work with distribution of food. Both Xpressen and dao have though specialized in food delivery and can solve different challenges and tasks you might experience when selling food.

A good alternative for sending wine, beer and other bottled beverages

Xpressen is a nationwide distributor that specializes in day to day delivery of food and other types of goods. dao’s delivery happens all year round, as in “all 365 days of the year”, and one of their services, called daoFOOD, specializes in delivery of food items, as the name implies. They drive at night so the shipment is delivered the next morning, before 7AM.

You can send wine, beer and other non perishable beverages with other carriers as well. However, they have very strict requirements for packaging that must be suitable for processing and sorting in automatic sorting hubs. Secure packaging allows for stacking, helps to withstand shocks, pressure and vibrations/shaking during transportation and storage. With this type of sorting it’s not possible to take extra precaution or take different packaging marks, such as e.g. fragile, into consideration.

Therefore it’s worth considering if a more manual handling, which both daoFOOD and Xpressen offer, is a better solution when it comes to delivery of your goods.

Send through Shipmondo

Sending food through both dao and Xpressen requires having a freight agreement with the respective companies and you can contact them to get more info or enter an agreement.

Once your freight agreement is in place, send an email to our customer service at and we’ll help and activate the agreement on your Shipmondo account, so you can start sending food.

How MrBeef is shipping to customers across the country

MrBeef is successfully selling high quality meat online. The packaging that Ole, the owner of MrBeef, uses are polystyrene boxes, along with ice blocks in vacuum sealed bags. These keep the meat cold throughout delivery, directly to the customers front door by Xpressen.

Read more about MrBeef and see the video, where Ole shares the story behind the success of his business.

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