Send building materials and pallet goods with C.M. Transport

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 12/01/2023

Say hello to yet another carrier. Send building materials, goods, and pallets with C.M. Transport through Shipmondo. Read more here!

Send building materials and pallet goods with C.M. Transport

Yet another carrier has landed in Shipmondo! This time, it is C.M. Transport, to whom we offer a big welcome.

C.M. Transport is a Danish-owned transport company that helps to solve transport tasks, both large as well as small in a flexible and efficient way, for the benefit of their customers - which is why, we’re extra-delighted about this collaboration!

If you need to transport large, heavy materials or other kinds of goods, then C.M. Transport is the right solution for you. They always work hard to find the right freight solution with the right methods for just the task that you need solved. C.M. Transport provides deliveries to the Danish business community. You can read along here, and get an insight into what the carrier has to offer.

Who are C.M. Transport?

C.M Transport has many years of experience within the transport industry. For more than 100 years, the company has transported various kinds of building materials across the country and helped the Danish business community with safe shipping.

We have to go back, all the way back to the year 1918, when the company was founded. Back then, the company was family-owned and started as a timber merchant and carrier business. However, later on, the company parted with the timber merchant part of the company, and became the C.M. Transport we know today. Currently, C.M. Transport has 54 employees. They work actively at creating a greener profile, and make an effort to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly every day. Among other things, they have green delivery trucks, which run on electricity rather than diesel, and they continuously work to reduce their pollution and update their equipment.

Which types of shipping can I book with C.M. Transport?

C.M. Transport offers a number of different services for the shipment of building materials, goods, and pallets. They primarily specialize in freight of building materials and urgent- and special tasks. Among other things, they offer management of shipment with crane vehicles, partial goods, and full loads, as well as vehicles with truck-mounted FLT’s.

When you book freight with C.M. Transport through Shipmondo, you have a number of different options to choose from with regard to shipping methods. The different types of delivery, provides you with the flexibility to ship heavy, and larger materials, and choose the solution, which fits exactly your needs.

You can choose between these different types of services:

  • Delivery with crane
  • Delivery with truck
  • Time delivery
  • Special service

CM Transport Shipmondo

C.M. Transport has a large selection of means of transport, making it easier for you to find the right solution. If you are shipping heavy materials, delivery with a crane might be the best option. If you have a large quantity of pallets waiting to be shipped, C.M Transport can help you with finding just the right solution, for the task you need solved.

Which services does C.M. Transport offer?

When you book freight with C.M. Transport, there are a number of different options, services and products to choose between.

With this carrier, it is possible to add specifications for your shipment. When you have chosen the freight product you need to use for carrying out your shipment, it is possible to choose specifications for your shipment and let the carrier know what type of assignment you need to ship. Specifically for the freight product Pallets, you can under Packaging choose between Half pallet or EUR pallet. Then, you can choose to add additional services, such as time delivery or delivery by crane.

C.M. Transport also utilizes the door-to-door solution. This means that when you book freight through Shipmondo, collection of the shipment will automatically be set to your address. If you wish to have the shipment collected elsewhere to choose the option Alternative pickup address option, when you book the freight. Here, you can also choose the delivery point of the shipment.

CM Transport goods and pallets

C.M Transport offers time delivery as an additional service to your shipment. With this carrier you can choose between three different time options: morning, before 12, or specific delivery agreement, regardless of the freight product you have chosen prior. It is a good idea to choose the time of delivery when you book freight, so the recipient of the shipment can be ready when the delivery arrives. If you already know a specific time, which will suit best for delivery, it can be an advantage to choose a specific time for delivery.

If you need to store goods for a longer or shorter period of time, C.M. Transport can also help you with that. You see, they have two storage hotels in northern and eastern Jutland, where you can safely store your products, if you are short of space.

Gather all of your freight in one system with Shipmondo

If you want to start booking freight with C.M. Transport through your Shipmondo account, you need to have your own agreement with the carrier. If you already have an agreement, you can activate it onto your Shipmondo account, and that way you can gather all of your freight agreements together or make use of the agreements that we have already negotiated for you. In this way, you gather all of your freight bookings on one single platform, and thereby save time on your freight management.

If you wish to make use of C.M. Transport’s services and products, you simply need to contact the carrier directly, and negotiate an agreement with them, if you haven’t already. If you want to know more about activation of own agreements onto your Shipmondo account, you just need to follow the link.

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