Send green packages with DHL Freight

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Camilla Jacobsen
by Camilla Jacobsen 18/08/2021

Consumers expect a green profile - expectations you can live up to with DHL Freight, with whom you can send eco-friendly and green packages. Read more here.

Send green packages with DHL Freight

For today’s consumers, the climate is high on the agenda. This places demands on your company, and is a good reason for making sustainability a competitive parameter on an equal footing with price, service, delivery, and return.

There are many ways you can make your business greener, and this is true when it comes to delivery, too. You can send green packages with environmentally friendly packaging and send paperless, and thus save paper by removing the invoice, return slip and return label from the package. Last, but not least, you can send climate-compensated packages. Read more about that here:

Send green with DHL Freight

When you send packages from Sweden with DHL Freight through Shipmondo - either on your own shipping agreement or Shipmondo’s agreement - you can send green packages. You can choose the Send it green service, where you pay a small additional price which goes to compensate for the hauliers’ additional costs when they invest in climate-friendly vehicles and fuels.

When you choose this service, a small logo will appear on your package label showing that the package is environmentally friendly. This way, it will be clear that your packages are delivered in a sustainable way, which creates a signal value to your customers that your company is environmentally conscious.

The logo appears in the middle of the label:

Send it green DHL

Read more about the service here.

Send eco-friendly packages through Shipmondo

In addition to DHL Freight, you can send green and environmentally friendly packages with multiple carriers through Shipmondo. For example, you can send Package with care with PostNord domestically in Denmark on your own or Shipmondo’s shipping agreement. You can also send CO2-neutral packages with UPS, if you have your own shipping agreement with the carrier. As with Send it green, you pay a small additional price, which compensates for the CO2 emissions from your shipments.

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