Labelless return shipments: Send return parcels without a printer

Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 25/05/2022

Make it easy for your customers to send return packages without having to print shipping labels. Send labelless return shipments.

Labelless return shipments: Send return parcels without a printer

Return needs to be easy. Did you know that many customers often check out the return procedure before ordering something online? And for that reason, it is important to consider your return process, so that you can create loyal customers who feel secure in the purchase process.

If your customers don’t have a printer, returns can seem a bit difficult and troublesome. You can make it easy for your customers by offering label-free returns. Some carriers, such as the Danish dao and Bring, can handle labelless shipments that do not require a shipping label. You can also let your customers return with a QR code when they hand in their packages at a delivery point. They simply need to show the QR code on their phone when they are at the delivery point and then the QR code will be scanned, a shipping label will be printed, put on the package and sent back to you. Thereby, your customers do not need to print the shipping label themselves. Carriers like PostNord and GLS can handle returns via QR codes.

Here, we guide you on how to let your customers send their orders back to you without having to print a shipping label, and show you how you can book labelless return shipping in Shipmondo.

Ship packages without shipping labels: Return items

In today’s digital world, not everyone has a printer, so it can be difficult for your customers to print return labels when they return an order. You can make it easy for them by letting them return and ship packages without shipping labels. Instead of a shipping label, they only need a numeric code that must be written with a waterproof pen on the package. The numeric code contains exactly the same information as a normal shipping label. Smart!

With a free Shipmondo Return Portal, you can let your customers book return shipping and get labelless codes that they can write on their return shipments. You can set up just the return methods you want with the carriers you want. For example, you can let your customer send return packages with dao, which specializes in labelless shipments.

Through the Shipmondo Return Portal, you can let your customers book return freight with GLS and PostNord. Both carriers support the submission of return packages via QR codes, which your customers receive by email, so that they do not have to print return labels.

Labelless return with dao: daoE-LABEL

You can send label-free returns with the Danish carrier dao in Denmark. They call it daoE-LABEL. Instead of having to print a shipping label, the customer writes a nine-digit code on the package, which is then ready for delivery in a daoSHOP.

Create labelless daoE-LABEL return shipment

On your Return Portal, you can set up returns with dao and let your customers send their returned items in an easy way. When you book return freight with dao, you need to write a nine-digit code on the package as identification of where the package is going and where it comes from – just like an ordinary shipping label.

The nine-digit code can be seen when shipping is booked through the Return Portal with dao, and simply needs to be written directly on the package with, for example, a waterproof pen.

Parcel with labelless code

The smart thing about labelless returns is that you also ensure that no labels are wasted by not being used anyway.

Labelless return with Bring: Bring e-label

If you have negotiated your own shipping agreement with Bring Denmark, you can also offer label-free returns. This means that if your customer does not have the opportunity to print the label, the customer can instead write a code on the outside of the return package. And then the package can be returned at a Bring delivery location in the same way as if there had been a physical return label on the package.

In the same way as in the example with dao, the labelless code from Bring will be displayed on the return portal and appear on the label. Bring’s label-free codes always start with BRING followed by eight numbers, for example BRING-1234-5678. It is this code that must be written on the return package.

QR codes to return: GLS and PostNord

QR codes provide your customers a simpler return solution, as they can simply hand in their return packages by showing the QR code on the phone, that they have been sent by you, via email. When your customer creates or requests a return with you, you can, with GLS or if you have your own shipping agreement with PostNord, send them a QR code via email automatically. The customer simply has to go down to the nearest parcel shop/delivery point and have it scanned, then the parcel shop will be responsible for printing out a shipping label, putting it on the package and returning the package back to you. Easy and convenient for your customer. Through Shipmondo, this is possible with GLS Shop Return and or with your own PostNord agreement with the product Return Drop Off in Denmark.

Example QR-code labelless shipment

If you have set up a Shipmondo Return Portal in Denmark, you can also offer your customers to hand in return packages with a QR code. You can set up PostNord Danmark and GLS Danmark as the return method, and select QR codes, and then you are ready to offer your customers a label-free return solution. As soon as they have booked return freight with either PostNord or GLS, they will receive an email with the QR code and the return label, and then they can choose which solution they want to use.

Easy and efficient return with Shipmondo Return Portal

Create an efficient return process for yourself and your customers with a Return Portal. In Shipmondo, you get a complete overview of incoming (returns) and outgoing (sales) orders. This way, you get a smooth return flow, where the return order in question can easily be found in the system with one scan on the return slip.

Return management, return label and slip

However, this return slip needs to be printed by the customer and put in the package before it is sent back. As soon as you receive the return order, you can simply scan the return slip and go directly to the order in Shipmondo, where you can start the refund.

If you want to make the entire return process print-free for your customers, you can send your customer an automatic message when they have created a return on your Return Portal, which informs them that the return slip does not need to be printed. Here you can also tell how to use the labelless code. Then, when you receive the return package, you need to search for the order among your other orders (for example, by order number) and manually find the relevant return order in order to start the refund.

You can easily send your customers automatic personalized messages when the order is assigned a new status and thus easily keep your customers informed all the way through the return process. This creates a good and transparent return process for the customer and provides safety at the same time. Read more about it here. You can also choose to set up PostNord or GLS as described above, and let your customers hand in their return packages via a QR code from their phone.

You decide how the Return Portal should look and which options should be available to your customers. For example, you can set up different return solutions, such as refunds, exchanges, or gift cards. By offering several different options for the return solution, you can reduce the refund. You can also set up your own shipping agreements or combine them with ours and let your customer choose which carrier they want to return with.

Read much more about our free Return Portal here.

Do you want to send labelless packages to your customers when you send their orders? Then you can also do it through Shipmondo when you ship in Denmark with dao and Bring. Read our Danish blog about labelless shipping here.

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