Send parcels, pallets, and goods with BHS Logistics

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Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 31/10/2022

Another carrier has landed in Shipmondo! It is now possible to book freight with BHS Logistics, though Shipmondo with your own freight agreement.

Send parcels, pallets, and goods with BHS Logistics

It is with great pleasure, that we welcome yet another carrier to Shipmondo: BHS Logistics. If you have your own freight agreement with BHS Logistics, it is now possible to have it set up on your Shipmondo account, and still keep all of your free features. Hence you can gather all of your freight carriers on one single platform, and let Shipmondo be the complete freight solution for your everyday needs, when you ship parcels, pallets and goods from Denmark to the rest of Europe. If you have yet to make a personal freight agreement with BHS Logistics: continue reading and discover what the carrier has to offer.

The transport company; BHS Logistics

BHS Logistics is a modern logistics company, which ensure, that your parcels arrive safely both at home and abroad. BHS Logistics provide the best freight solutions across national borders, and offer flexible logistic solutions, special tasks, and freight routes with air, sea, and road transport.

This carrier handles larger and smaller parcels, regardless of the end destination, whether it is Rønne or Stavanger. With their own distribution centers located across the country, they ensure quick freight solutions and fixed freight rates, which meet your needs. Moreover, BHS Logistics offer storage and handling of goods in different locations in Denmark. With their own system and through partners, they ensure the safe arrival of your parcels. Gain logistic solutions from A-Z, across national borders, and simplify your everyday life. Get your own freight agreement with the carrier and start booking freight for your parcels through Shipmondo.

Send with BHS Logistics through your Shipmondo account.

With this carrier it is possible to book different colli-types as well as different types of packaging. At Shipmondo you can choose the Standard shipping product, where you have the opportunity to choose between the different colli-types, when you book freight with BHS Logistics. From here you can choose the end destination for your parcel, you can send from Denmark to all of the European countries as well as the Nordic countries. This carrier uses door-to-door solutions, meaning that, when you book your freight through Shipmondo, the collection of the parcel will automatically be set to your site. In the event of cancellation of the freight, BHS Logistics must be contacted directly.

When you make use of your freight agreement with BHS Logistics through your Shipmondo account, it is possible to enable and design personalized emails, and so be in full control of the messages you send out to your customers. If you have customers from countries other than Denmark, it is possible to personalize emails for each country in different languages. With personalized emails, you get a unique opportunity to strengthen the positive experience for your customers, by keeping them updated about their purchase. It is up to you to specify, when in the process you want the customer to receive the personalized email. That is, the message can be sent out, when the order is placed, or when the parcel is ready for delivery.

You can read more about how to enable personalized emails on your Shipmondo account here

Create shipment and colli with BHS Logistics in Shipmondo

How to get started

In order to book freight with BHS Logistics, you need to have your own freight agreement with the carrier. If you already have your own freight agreement, it can be activated on your Shipmondo account so that you can gather all of your freight agreements on one platform.

If you do not yet have your own freight agreement with BHS Logistics, but wish to get one, you need to contact BHS Logistics. The company can be contacted directly here

If you want to know more about the activation of your own freight agreements on your Shipmondo account, read more here

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