Send parcels in Sweden and Copenhagen with Airmee

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Maria Vestergaard
by Maria Vestergaard 12/09/2022

Use your own shipping agreement and send environmentally friendly parcels with Airmee. Get fast and flexible delivery, with deliveries in specific time intervals. Read much more here.

Send parcels in Sweden and Copenhagen with Airmee

Airmee has been delivering packages since 2018, when they were established in Stockholm, Sweden. The idea and vision was that delivery should be fast, user-focused, and environmentally friendly/sustainable.

Fast and sustainable delivery with Airmee

Today, Airmee is present in more than 30 cities and has completed more than 10 million deliveries. They strive to make deliveries on the same day – and sometimes in as little as an hour.

Airmee wants to solve the problem of moving everything freely, quickly, and conveniently at a low price for both the consumer and society. In addition, Airmee does not own any transport vehicles or employee drivers; instead, they work with courier companies and other partners who can make environmentally friendly deliveries. For example, parcels sent with Airmee will likely be delivered in electric vehicles or on cargo bikes.

If a delivery cannot be done CO2-neutrally, Airmee climate-compensates for this.

Ship with Airmee

Airmee delivers packages seven days a week and offers real-time tracking. In addition, they are flexible in their service and can deliver both large and small packages.

You can easily send packages with Airmee through Shipmondo in both Sweden and Copenhagen. It simply requires that you have your own shipping agreement with the carrier.

Airmee shipping label

With Airmee Home Delivery, you can get a fast and flexible delivery, and your customers get the opportunity to choose a specific delivery time themselves, so they are sure to be at home for delivery.

Airmee’s home delivery service is a market leader when it comes to environmental sustainability. All home deliveries are made with electric vehicles and a large part also with emission-free vehicles. In some areas, you can also see bicycle messengers from Airmee.

Airmee and Shipmondo

You can easily ship with Airmee through Shipmondo and collect all your shipping agreements and bookings in one system. All you have to do is make your own shipping agreement with the carrier, and then we can easily help you get started sending packages with Airmee. If you already have an Airmee shipping agreement that you want to use, you can request the set up of the agreement through your Shipmondo account.

You can collect all your shipping agreements in your Shipmondo account and you can also use our agreements if there are other carriers you want to ship with as well. A Shipmondo account is completely free, there are no subscription or binding periods, and you only pay for your consumption.

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