New carrier: Send with ALPI

Emma Dorthea Aunsbak
by Emma Dorthea Aunsbak 11/09/2023

We welcome another carrier! Book freight with ALPI using your own shipping agreement through Shipmondo.

New carrier: Send with ALPI

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It is with great enthusiasm that we can now welcome another carrier to Shipmondo! Indeed, it is possible to book freight with ALPI, if you have your own shipping agreement.

Learn more about ALPI and how to book freight with the carrier through Shipmondo here!

Who is ALPI?

ALPI is a well-established freight company with decades of experience in both Danish and international transport.

With its headquarters in Herning, the company has gained expertise in handling various types of shipments.

With over 30 years of experience in the Danish transport market and branches located around Denmark, ALPI offers a comprehensive range of logistics solutions that cover all forms of transport.

What shipping products can I send with ALPI?

ALPI offers a variety of shipping products with associated services, which you can choose from or add when you book freight through Shipmondo.

For example, you can book:

  • Basic
  • Neutral Shipment

Create shipment

All shipping products can also be booked with associated types of consignments.

NB! If you wish to cancel a shipment with ALPI, you must contact them directly.

With an account at Shipmondo, you gain access to a range of free features that help you optimize and streamline your workflow.

Besides booking freight, you can also send personalized messages, automate printing, use Shipmondo Order Management, and much more.

Send Internationally with ALPI

With ALPI as a carrier, you have the opportunity to book international shipments through Shipmondo and simultaneously handle your customs.

When sending shipments to countries outside the EU, you must be on top of the customs process. Handling customs can often be a complex task, but at Shipmondo, we’ve made it easy and efficient for you.

You can automate the filling out of your customs with Shipmondo Order Management and ensure that all necessary documents are in order.

By automating the completion of your customs papers, you eliminate manual handling, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.

Book shipments through Shipmondo

If you want to book freight with ALPI through Shipmondo, it requires that you first have your own shipping agreement with the carrier.

Once you have negotiated your own shipping agreement, you can easily add it to your Shipmondo account and start booking freight immediately.

Moreover, having an account with Shipmondo allows you to take advantage of existing shipping agreements that we’ve already negotiated with popular carriers such as PostNord, DHL Freight, UPS, GLS, and many others.

This opens up the possibility of booking freight across various carriers, making the process more flexible for you.

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